Concerning California Legalizing Child Prostitution

They WERE NEVER REALLY PROSTITUTES- so let us call them by what they REALLY are- CHILD TRAFFICATED VICTIMS. This is just the BEGINNING folks because the group of pedophiles are about to be busted for all of their sick and abhorent shit so now they are REWRITING LAWS TO TRY AND SAVE THEIR ASSES. Wake up and see the future they have in store for EVERY ONE of YOUR CHILDREN’S FUTURES.

Oh- and for ALL of you HILLARY and TRUMP FANS OUT THERE…

Pull your fucking heads out of your asses. BOTH Donald Trump and Bill Clinton were named the MOST on Jeffery Epstein’s private jet the “Lolita Express” where they flew to the convicted pedophile billionaire’s child rape island for stays ALONE- WITHOUT THEIR DETAILS.

So which pedophile do you think is going to stop this when they get into office?

And more importantly- are you all seriously THAT FUCKING STUPID???

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