The REALITY of “Satanic Panic”

So, in the early 90’s, the CIA group “the false memory syndrome foundation” was formed to deal with the myriad of allegations coming forth that children were being horribly abused in their daycares. Each member of this group were rich WHITE parents who have been accused by their own children of committing these EXACT crimes on their own children.

All except Ralph Underwager- who told Padika magazine how GREAT it was for children to have sex with adults and how society was wrong and that we should all just get over ourselves.

Now this group is the VERY group who coined the phrases “satanic panic” and “false memories”.

Of course this is a game our CIA has played before, giving us the phrase ” conspiracy theorist” for those who didn’t believe the official story about the assassinationn of JFK.

Now this group wants everyone to focus on McMartin preschool- the longest and most costly court case in America at the time- where no one was convicted.

This is proof, they claim, that shows all of these allegations were false- and it worked so well that now the UK is trying to do the SAME thing with Hamstead- a case there now.

This is all fine and good, but McMartin was FAR from alone. In it’s area alone there were SEVEN day-cares, and allegations were coming in from ALL OVER THE NATION- and as far as McMartin, the tunnels the children spoke of were INDISPUTABLY discovered AFTER the trial, along with animal bones and satanic relics that were IN the tunnels.

Longest and most costly trial in the US but no one knew those tunnels existed until afterwards? You all really believe that do you?

Not only that- but these SAME allegations came forth in the UK and Australia as well. The EXACT same allegations at the EXACT same time.

And let me remind everyone that this was BEFORE the internet. So how did SO many people- on THREE different continents, come up with the EXACT SAME “delusion” at the same time without ANY means of contacting each other?

Now the UK government, using, will bring up events like the Salem Witch Trials as an example of this “hysteria” that took place- but this, just like any other case they present- happened IN ONE ISOLATED AREA and was confined to that area alone.

But what happened in the 90’s happened GLOBALLY, with absolutely no way those coming forward with accusations having the ability to influence others across the nation, let alone in different countries.

And we all now know that the UK UNDENIABLY covered THEIR allegations up. If it was all hysteria- based on lies, why would they waste the time, money, and effort to cover up the allegations?

Even now they don’t deny this but rather are claiming it was in the past so we should all forget about it.

How terribly convenient for them, don’t you think? “Yeah we lied and covered up horrible child abuse but that is in the past so forget about it.”

There WAS a satanic panic, but the only ones panicking at the time were the perpetrating pedophiles. Everyone else was simply concerned about their children. And the perps didn’t want to be discovered, so they went into high gear to cover up and dismiss the allegations, which we can CLEARLY see the history of now.

Of course, this pesky look at the facts seem to distress people like those on Hoaxtead, who only want you to focus on THEM and THEIR stupid shit.

But 1000’s, if not 100,000’s of allegations came forth on THREE continents at the EXACT SAME TIME, but it is THEM who are the liars, and the only ones who are telling the truth is Hoaxtead, the UK government website, and their little group who are doing there best to distract and discredit from these facts and claim everyone else is a liar.

In America this campaign is being run by the Satanic Temple and Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves- the Charles Manson wanna be who will claim cults don’t exist while OPENLY and BLATANTLY running around acting all cultist and extremely bizarre.

And these are the ONLY groups coming forward to claim everyone who was either abused as a child or had a child who was abused are all either delusional or liars.

But then, I hear that Mesner is claiming Scalia wasn’t discovered because I believe Doug used his “special powers” to protect him. I kid you not.

But let me say he DOES have a special ability, because when he puts on his ridiculous horned hat and whips his dick out for everyone, like he did for the late Westboro minister’s dead mother, i have to say i am amazed at his uncanny ability to make people laugh and become violently sick at the very same time.

It truly IS a gift.

These people are a joke- and they are all liars defending pedophiles and child abusers. Of course, no one is laughing.

History ALWAYS repeats itself- so if you are okay with your children being horrifically abused, constantly sodomized, and disposed of when these child rapists are through, just repeat what happened last time when they covered it up in the 90’s, which has been PROVEN WITHOUT A DOUBT, and look away.

But if you care, you should realize these groups are being used by our government like LAST TIME and that they are trying to spoon feed you a complete load of bullshit, and act accordingly.

These small groups are neither intellectually nor morally superior- they are just being paid to protect those eager to hurt your children and get their rocks off in the process, and supporting and defending them and their actions, in the end, will make you out to be WORSE than them.

So I suggest you all respond appropriately and with thought, because the ONLY thing worse than a group of child killing pedophiles are those who would stand and defend them.

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