I Have Had Constant Attacks on My Blog Since I Exposed What is Happening with the Jacob Wetterling Abduction

Actually, someone from Redmond, WA has been using the IP address to constantly try to gain access to my blog.

This morning alone they tried 50+ times in a minute and a half.

After they were blocked, they switched to the IP address and tried repeatedly again- still from Redmond, WA.

Someone in San Francisco using the IP address flooded my blog ALL NIGHT, trying to prevent access to my blog.

All this has started after I wrote my article about my dad abducting Jacob Wetterling.

I am pretty sure this could be Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves and his little Satanic Temple friends.

You only have to check out HoaxteadResearch.wordpress.com to see if they are capable and willing to do such things. I mean they are BLATENTLY bragging about doing such things.

Of course the question is, if I am such a liar or completely crazy-as they constantly claim, why are they spending so much time and effort into trying to silence me?

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