A MAJOR Development in the Jacob Wetterling Abduction Case

I have spent a great deal of time thinking about what I am about to write- as I do not want to put the innocents that have been caught up in this in a bad position, but the truth is- I would be a complete fucking idiot to trust the law officials that have been contacted to do anything other than what they have done- and that is to PROTECT THE GUILTY.

Awhile back, I sent a Facebook PM to one of the boys who were with Jacob Wetterling when he was abducted. I had already contacted the Jacob Wetterling Foundation and told them of my father Robert Lynn Shurter Jr.- but, not surprisingly, NOTHING came of it- even though I told them that Jacob was abducted by a man with a big blue utility truck- which they confirmed as true and then told me that this information was NEVER released to the public.

I told him who I was, who my father was, and that I believed my father was the abductor- and I sent my father’s Northern Propane Gas company picture so that he could look- as this was EXACTLY how my father would have looked at the time of the abduction.

I know that he got it- as Facebook tells you when a PM has been read, but I haven’t heard a word back. I suspect this is because he RECOGNIZED my dad and called the authorities. That is what I would have done.

The thing is- although I know HE is trying to help- the FBI and law officials have been ANYTHING BUT helpful. After I went to Det. John Pankonin, who was working at the Nebraska State Patrol as the cold case investigator- telling him about Ricky Chadek and demanding that he take my DNA to compare to what was left on the murdered little boy- he sent his sister Tru Pankonin to befriend both my sister Kathy and myself.

Is this typical procedure? DEFINITELY NOT- and it shows that something was going on that wasn’t on the up and up.

Now I have a person who I am fairly certain recognized my dad in the picture that I sent him who most likely contacted authorities but because it has to deal with me and my family- I have EVERY REASON to believe that they will drop the ball ON PURPOSE and just let it slide.

They will probably do so on the grounds of “national security” like they have with Michael Aquino, although we all need to ask why the abduction, rape, and murder of children is protected under the guise of national security.

People around me have told me that it shouldn’t matter- because my father is dead. But my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter, who was HEAVILY involved with my dad’s crimes, is NOT. Nor are their two children- Christina Maria Shurter/Blumpkin and their son Robert Lynn Shurter III- BOTH who were living in their parent’s house when Joanne and my dad had their sound proof room installed and my father put the remains of murdered children in the walls of his master bedroom closet.

These people- who were very involved- are VERY MUCH ALIVE.

This is the reason why Christina attacked me on Amazon with Doug Mesner and Menagerie (who both have their own sordid tales of murder considering Lori King), and tried to shut me down- because she was involved and trying to stop anyone from listening to me. BUT THEY LIVED WITH DAD AND JOANNE AT THE EXACT SAME TIME ALL OF THIS WAS TAKING PLACE. In the EXACT same house, and it isn’t like the place had separate wings to it.

In fact Robbie’s bedroom had over 20 small caskets hanging all over his wall in his bedroom with small dolls that looked like children. It was disturbing to say the least, but now that I have started to put all of this together, it makes a warped and disturbing amount of sense.

Do I think that the FBI will investigate? FUCK NO I DON’T. They have done everything BUT with regards to all of this. And I don’t trust that now they will do anything other than what they have before.

But I am almost positive the witness to Jacob’s abduction RECOGNIZED my father. Compare all of the drawings made of the abductor and you can tell they got a good hard look at the guy- and so identifying him wouldn’t be all that hard.

But authorities are invested in PROTECTING child killers- and if they allow this to come out- EVERYTHING I HAVE SAID will be validated, which will cast a WHOLE NEW LIGHT on Omaha and what was happening with Franklin. They have not wanted to do this before- I can’t imagine anything has changed now.

I write this so that people will realize what is going on- and I am hoping to force the authorities hand in all of this. God knows it will take a FUCKING MIRACLE to get them to do their jobs properly. But I BELIEVE in miracles, and I am not at all against trying to give them a little hand.

So here is this article.

And here are the abductor pics along with my father’s picture. Just so you all know- that is a toupee on his head, he was bald otherwise.


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