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A New Charles Manson in the Making

Tell me, after watching Doug Mesner/satanist Lucien Greaves new video posted on The Satanic Temple YouTube station, how is he ANY different in the control her excercises over his woman followers than what Charles Manson had with his? When can we expect Doug’s followers to crawl on their knees or do something worse?

The CIA Run Organization the Satanic Temple Publishes An Article About One of Their Own Survivor Conferences and My Explanation about the Tinfoil The case concerning Hampstead in the UK is run exactly like the cases that have been here in America. The government has infiltrated both sides- both the bad guys AND the good guys, in order to control the narrative, and the people that HoaxsteadResearch constantly bitch about are THEIR OWN OPERATIVES who have been […]

Some Unknown Facts about the Abductions of Ricky Chadek, Jacob Wetterling, and Johnny Gosch

There are some facts concerning these cases that have NOT been reported to the public, so I would like to do just that. First of all, Ricky Chadek- who was found murdered In 1986- died after he was gutted. Funny enough- I think that the reason why this was never released was because convicted serial […]