Some Unknown Facts about the Abductions of Ricky Chadek, Jacob Wetterling, and Johnny Gosch

There are some facts concerning these cases that have NOT been reported to the public, so I would like to do just that.

First of all, Ricky Chadek- who was found murdered In 1986- died after he was gutted.

Funny enough- I think that the reason why this was never released was because convicted serial killer John Jubert had done the EXACT SAME THING to his victims. However, since he was already languishing on death row by the time Ricky was abducted and murdered- there is NO WAY he could have committed this crime.

I know that he was gutted- because Det. John Pankonin told both me AND my older sister. He had lengthy conversations with both of us- because they wanted to pin it on the Wygert family- and Neil- who was his step-father.

Of course- after I demanded that he- who was working cold case files for the Nebraska State Patrol- take my DNA to compare it to what was found at the Chadek crime scene, Pankonin’s SISTER ingratiated herself into both mine and my sister Kathy’s lives.

Why did the sister of the cold case detective seek us out and befriend us? You tell me.

Jacob Wetterling was abducted by a man in a big blue utility truck- a fact that was NEVER released to the public. How do I know this?

Well, when I called the Wetterling foundation to tell them about my father- I told the woman on the phone that I bet that he was abducted by a man in a big blue utility truck. She got very quiet, confirmed what I was saying was true- and then asked me how I could know this because this fact was NEVER released to the public.

I told her that I knew about it because my father drove a big blue utility truck as a manager for Northern Propane Gas- which eventually became Enron. Every one of my older siblings was living in the area in Minnesota- which is why my father was hunting in the area.

Noreen Gosch HERSELF told me that my father had called her- telling her that he had committed heinous crimes against children- but told me she didn’t realize what he was talking about until she met and spoke to me.

After that- Noreen called my sister EVERY NIGHT- always waiting until late in the evening when she figured that my sister had taken her night meds. Noreen will claim that this is a lie- but then, knowing her personally- I have NEVER found her to speak the truth. EVER.

The reason why the police won’t investigate my father’s claims that he put the skeletons of dead children in the walls of a closet he completely rebuilt in the master bedroom is not because my father is dead, but rather if they DID investigate my father, it would lead them directly to the child abduction and sex trafficking ring that was occurring in Omaha.

In my opinion- authorities have been CONSISTENT in their refusal to properly investigate these crimes against children. You could SOLVE the case- bring them in VIDEOS of people getting killed- collect all the evidence showing without a doubt that you are telling the truth- and they would take the info, LOOSE the info, and then go around and call you a crazy liar.

At the SAME TIME- their SISTER, like Tru Pankonin- will invade your life in order to keep tabs on you so she can report back to her brother- who was the MAIN INVESTIGATOR in one of these cases.

So many coincidences- it almost seems like a PATTERN- doesn’t it? And the fact STILL REMAINS that NOT ONE of these cases have been solved. NOT A ONE.

Guess THAT is a coincidence as well. Seems to be a lot of them where all of this is concerned.

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