The CIA Run Organization the Satanic Temple Publishes An Article About One of Their Own Survivor Conferences and My Explanation about the Tinfoil

The case concerning Hampstead in the UK is run exactly like the cases that have been here in America. The government has infiltrated both sides- both the bad guys AND the good guys, in order to control the narrative, and the people that HoaxsteadResearch constantly bitch about are THEIR OWN OPERATIVES who have been sent to do as much corrupt stuff as they can in order to try and control the narrative and make survivors and any community they are connected with look insane. This is being done on purpose.

So let me deal with this article…

Survivorship- the conference they are talking about- is under the umbrella of Neil Brick, who has set himself up as a LEADER in the survivor community. However, there is WAY more to Brick than most people realize- and there have been strong allegations that at his SMART conference he was helping the bad guys get survivors back into the sex trade. I don’t know if these allegations are true but I do know that they exist- and have NEVER been investigated.

Survivorship is a DISASTROUS organization- trying to convince people things like if their shoes are dirty in the morning- it means that the government came and accessed them in the night and they just don’t remember it happening. They encourage paranoia and they are SOLELY focused on the numbers of their membership and have no interest in actually helping survivors heal.

But it is being run by Neil Brick- who I have dealt with personally for years and have realized that not only do I not trust him farther than I can spit- (and I can’t spit)- but he has done more damage as ONE PERSON in the survivor community than anyone I can think of.

This article talks about the NATRC supporting this conference. Funny thing about that group- when it was first formed it had over 300 people who signed up to help- but Neil Brick, who took charge over it completely, SYSTEMATICALLY brought down the numbers until there were only FIVE of us left, and in the end- after catching him in lie after lie- I told Brick to go fuck himself and spent some time trying to expose him.

Of COURSE the Satanic Temple is focusing on Survivorship-as it is TOTALLY connected to the bad guys who dominates this group and their conference in order to draw out survivors and get them to run back and hide when the conference ends. That is why Survivorship’s focus is SO crazy and so, concerning this one aspect, this article is right- Survivorship is completely fucked.

But what you all need to know is that it was INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED this way.

Now they have included a video I made years ago, when I FIRST started investigating my family, trying to trash me where I talk about getting attacked with secret microwave weapons, the SAME weapons NYTimes journalist Sarah Kershaw was murdered over trying to investigate recently.

For those of you who wonder if these weapons truly do exist- here are a few of the patents OWNED BY OUR GOVERNMENT.

USP# 6,488,617 (12/03/2002) A method and device for producing desired brain states.
USP# 6,239,705 (05/29/2001) Intra oral electronic tracking device
USP# 6,091,994 (07/18/2000) Pulsating manipulation of nervous systems.
USP# 6,052,336 (04/18/2000) Apparatus and method of broadcasting audible sound using ultrasonic sound as a carrier.
USP# 5,539,705 (07/23/1996) Ultrasonic speech translator and communication system for converting radio frequencies and audio signals to the human mind.
USP# 5,507,291 (04/16/1996) Method of manipulating associated persons emotional state remotely.
USP# 5,159,703 (10/27/1992) Silent subliminal presentation system (Look up Silent Sound Spread Spectrum on YouTube)
USP# 5,017,143 (05/21/1991) Method and apparatus for producing subliminal images- causing hallucinations
USP# 4,877,027 (10/31/1989) Remote hearing system
USP# 3,951,135 (04/20/1976) Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and alternating brain waves
USP# 6,506,148 (01/14/2003) Manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors.

You can compare my video to the one Doug Mesner/satanic leader Lucien Greaves and his little CIA followers at the Satanic Temple to see the difference, as I am sure there are MANY. (I really don’t know personally, as I have never bothered to watch ANY of the videos they made about me).

Here is the link to the REAL video…..

Here is the link to Mesner and his devil loving groups video….

But I think that what happened AFTER this video is what is important.

I ended up going to the hospital for the first time in my adult life. As you can see from my video- I was EXHAUSTED and completely beside myself. I was being inundated with a loud buzzing that went from high to low pitch with NO discernable rhythm. Thus, my brain wouldn’t shut down and I went with 3 weeks without sleep and lost an UNTOLD amount of weight.

There were NO voices, and I wasn’t wearing tinfoil on my head but rather was using a stocking cap to hold two pieces of tinfoil over my ears. Now it didn’t work- but at the time, I would have ran around town naked singing the “Star spangled banner” had I thought it would help- as I was desperate for this to stop.

I stayed in the hospital for a week- and during that time- Johnny Gosch’s cousin was supposedly admitted at the same time.

Quite a coincidence, huh- that I am investigating the Johnny Gosch abduction and at the same time I am in the hospital- his cousin just happens to be admitted- claiming she was Johnny Gosch’s father’s brother’s daughter.

She told me and my husband Mike over pizza that Johnny had been horribly abused and that he had run away as a result- and was NEVER abducted. In fact, she said a lot of things- none of which I believed.

She got out before me actually, and the hospital had gotten her a cab to take her someplace and had scheduled her to get her teeth fixed, (which had been destroyed by meth), but she got out when the cab stopped at a light and disappeared. All of this was according to the nurses- who I heard talking about it.

15 minutes after I got back home from the hospital- my neighbor Dean- who was a retired Omaha polce officer, came and got me alone on my porch and told me to drop everything I was doing and pull my videos off the internet immediately or that my husband was going to be next.

So I did just that. This video that Mesner/Greaves and his little devil loving group are running with was only published ONE PLACE- on an obscure CNN videoblog site and so they had to do some REAL searching to find it, which shows their dedication that they have trying to get at me.

The only reason why I didn’t take IT down along with all of the others is that I couldn’t figure out how to do it. But right after this all happened- I was scared shitless, and I DIDN’T want them going after my other half.

But since they have made such an issue about it- I think that it is time to share it and let people know the whole situation surrounding it.

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