If You Are a Parent- Or Know Someone Who Is- YOU MUST READ THIS!

This was posted on Facebook- and I asked to share this under anonymity because I felt that this was important to deal with- as THIS IS HOW THEY ARE TAKING YOUR KIDS…

“Ok, 2 Male Social Workers have just been and said they were here to remove my child, I asked under what order, they this time said the ICO – so asked when had it been renewed since March 2016, they said it was effective – so I asked my child to speak to them with my adult child present – they asked my child to leave with them – the child refused to go – they replied that was fine and they were calling the Police on 101 – to see if they would come and the sw said the Police might leave them here or remove the child – aged 15 nearly 16 under an ICO to return to Court this week for an urgent hearing to return child home full time. – Any help or advice please, they are parked outside, waiting for the Police, as I can see them from my desk where I am sat now.”

In a nutshell- what is happening is that children are being targeted online. When they are singled out, there are people who are going to the houses, POSING as CPS workers- and are TAKING THE CHILDREN- although it usually is just one but not always. They are targeting poor people- who don’t know the laws- are uneducated- and generally afterwards are so terrified that they don’t seek to check out the child’s whereabouts until much later.

And there are NEVER any traces of them.

Not only that- but because the parents- when and IF they go to the police, begin by telling them that CPS came and got their child, the police often dismiss and disregard the reports- believing that it is only a glitch in the system and if CPS came and got them that the children must be safe.

But our Child Protection Services THEMSELVES has reported that they have lots 10’s of THOUSANDS of children- who just EVAPORATED.

If someone knocks on your door claiming they are CPS and are there to take your child, they must ALWAYS have a WARRANT, which you need to demand to see and read- RIGHT THERE AT THE TIME. They will also ALWAYS be accompanied by a deputy or sheriff- in FULL UNIFORM and driving a MARKED CAR.

Also- two men will NEVER be CPS. If there isn’t two women- the man will ALWAYS be accompanied by a female.

If ANYONE shows up to your door claiming they are there to take your child- call 911 IMMEDIATELY.

One of the FIRST THINGS you say, other than there are people there trying to take your child, is to give a physical description of those who are at your front door. That way you have a recorded REAL TIME account of what is happening. Their physical description- hair color- glasses if any- facial features- as well as what they are wearing and how tall they are. THIS IS KEY!! You should also report what they are driving.

NONE OF YOU JUST HAVE TO TURN YOUR CHILDREN OVER TO ANYONE WHO KNOCKS ON THE DOOR! And if this DOES happen- you MUST act accordingly. Your children’s LIVES depend on it.

Now my information comes from my sister- who graduated Magnum Cum Laude with her master’s in social work, so I am not just pulling this info from thin air.

But the fact remains- this is REAL and it is happening EVERYWHERE and although there are reports of it, you REALLY have to research hard to find this information. Basically because they do not want people aware. But you MUST be aware- your children’s lives depend on it.

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