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It’s THIS Kind of Thing that Got Lucien Greaves’s Pedophile Protection Squad to Make a Video Calling Me a Super Sorcerer

Matt Gaetz- this video should interest you. What I claim in this video, in my past experience, will become self-evident sooner than later. But I wait with bated breath. LOL. Just saying. Oh, and it is NOT that I haven’t done what I explain in this video before- to a LOT of people. I just […]

My Impressions of Nick Bryant’s Interview with Alisha Owen

Alisha Owen was a victim of Franklin Credit- who, like ALL victims, got surrounded, influenced, and screwed by very bad people. This video are my thoughts and reactions to what was said- and more importantly, what WASN’T said. My Impressions of Nick Bryant’s Interview with Alisha Owen Here is her new interview with Nick Bryant. […]

It Seems Their Secrets ARE Coming Out Regarding This Child Trafficking Mess

And if I were looking to see who may have helped… REPORT: MATT GAETZ IS SCREWED SIX WAYS FROM SUNDAY

Info for the Daily Beast Regarding the Child Trafficking Ring in Florida

  Timothy Holmseth- an investigative journalist from Minnesota- was investigating a ring that was operating in Florida in the same area Matt Gaetz is being investigated for being involved with. He started by investigating the Jacob Wetterling abduction in Minnesota. An abduction I believe my father was involved with. I had gone on the John […]

The Same Child Trafficking Ring Matt Gaetz Is Being Investigated For is the Same Ring Timothy Holmseth Was Investigating

Timothy Holmseth was investigating the same child trafficking ring that Matt Gaetz is being investigated for. In Palm Springs. The one they took a protection order order out on Holmseth to shut him up. I’d ask Holmseth what he knows.