Mesner’s Group of Satanists Collectively Attacking Me On A Saturday Night

I woke up Sunday morning and here were all the tweets I received on Twitter the previous night.

They obviously didn’t like my tweet. But their replies all came in on the same night.

But then it could have been Mesner himself. Reguardless- the phrase “Thiu doust protest too much” definitely comes to mind

Here is my original tweet…

Here is the conversation with Doug aka Lucien Greaves where he admits to arguing that sticking a penis in a baby’s mouth causes no neurological problems- pretty much around the end of the conversation because it took FOREVER to get him to admit the truth…

My Conversation With Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves- Founder of the Satanic Temple

And here is the series of attacks- notice the time stamp on all of them…

Judging by the time stamps they did this collectively as a group, unless you believe that each one of them just coincidentally happened to find one of my tweets all on the same night.

But when I say I get stalked by Satanists- here is a really good example of what I’m talking about.

And my contention that Doug’s merry group of Satanists may be involved with Qanon is strengthened.

I mean notice how NOT ONE of these idiots brought Doug’s name up- although it was CLEARLY him I was speaking about in the original post.

Just saying…

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