My Thoughts on the Attack on Congress Jan 6th

This past Halloween was not only a blue moon but also a full moon- the first since 1944.

Halloween is a BIG day to the group who raised me and I can only imagine the rituals that were performed and the sacrifices that were offered

But as I’ve said repeatedly- the spiritual principalities that supported them, empowered them, and most importantly, protected them are no longer able too.

I am in NO WAY taking credit for this as it was God’s handiwork- not mine.

So their rituals didn’t work. In fact- they are backfiring.

The election didn’t go the way they had planned. And everything they’ve done has failed and more so- is going to continue to fail.

Thus- let me be clear about this in no uncertain terms-

Not only are they going to figure out about everyone who was behind what happened at the Capitol-they’re going to figure out who is behind Qanon.

After all- it is Qanon that has set this all up and fueled it in the cult surrounding this mess for years

When people find out they’ve been dupped by the very Deep State they have been so against all along- with a bunch of satanists who have been directing it.. I think people are going to be pissed.

If I were to start looking into individuals- I would start with the weakest link. The one who has attacked every single victim who has ever come forward- who has his own cult of 50,000+ people according to him. The same one who argues that sticking your dick in a babies mouth doesn’t cause any lasting neurological damage.

Of course I’m speaking about Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves- founder of the Satanic Temple.

Notice how although he has attacked every legitimate victim who has come forward claiming they have been a victim of satanic pedophiles- he has his cult hasn’t said ANYTHING about the validity of Qanon.

And it has been my personal experience that many of his following are in fact Nazis. Who LOVE to give death threats.

If I was too start looking who is behind this whole Qanon satanic pedophile mess- I might start with the very group who are publicly on record as self professed satanists.

More specifically- I would begin with the leader who again argues that sticking your dick in a babies mouth leaves no lasting neurological damage- as you can see for yourself in the argument I had with him on Twitter…

My Conversation With Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves- Founder of the Satanic Temple

That is my two cents on the matter.

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