The Reason I Keep At This Despite the Devil Lovers Constant Attacks

I received a message today- once again the devil lovers are dancing around with glee with regards to the fact that they have their directed energy weapons on me 24/7.

They are under the delusion that they are winning.

But I know this is deluded. They believe this life is all there is and that it is all that counts. But it isn’t.

The first rule of Thermodynamics is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. And our souls are nothing but energy.

Years ago- before I wrote my book or did a blog or was involved in any way in trying to expose my family’s role in child trafficking, I woke up in a dream

In this dream I was standing in front of a friend’s husband who was a pedophile.

This blue beam was eminating from me and was flowing into the man, which I could see was causing him discomfort. So I increased it.

He lifted off the ground about four feet and he was writhing in pain when his feet burst into flame.

It was at this point I looked down and realized my feet were ALSO on fire.

Immediately after this realization, I was spun around 180 degrees and I found myself standing directly in front of God.

He told me that if I was going to do what I was going to do- and I went after the pedophilic devil lovers- this is what I would face.

To burn them up I would have to face being burnt up first

Without even a moment’s hesitation, I responded “if it saves the children so be it!”

When I turned back around to finish what I had started, I woke up.

Since that dream many years back, I have been tested repeatedly to see if I still have the same resolve as it did in that dream.

What was true then is still true now.

These devil lovers don’t have the slightest conception of self sacrifice- nor the inheriant power within it. All they know is how to take and consume. And they believe this life and their place in this world right now is all there is.

They are wrong. And the Darkness they have served all their lives is hungry to claim them.

I offered myself up as a sacrifice to see that happen. It has been God’s promise to me.

This life is an illusion. Nothing lasts on this side. But the Darkness- that is eternal. As is their place waiting for them in the Darkness.

My focus was NEVER on this life but for what lies ahead beyond it.

They laugh now. But I have absolutely NO doubt that there is coming a time- not so far into the distant future- that their smirks are going to be replaced with eternal looks of anguish.

I know their rituals no longer work and that the spiritual principalities that aided and abetted them- and more importantly- protected them- are no longer able to do so.

They are on their own. And they are directly facing Heaven’s Wrath.

This is their own fault- their own doing.

And in the end it will be by their own hands that will cause their fate.

It is THIS thought that makes all the pain and suffering they have inflicted on me in this life worth every second.

And in the end- it will be a smile on MY face that all this will lead too.





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