I Spent All Day Sunday Fighting With Satanists All Day

Doug Mesner aka satanist Lucien Greaves- WAS behind the attacks from a plethora of Satanists Sunday. He tried to make light of it- claiming I was all into a “conspiracy” but he admitted it was him that was behind it.


This was my original tweet I posted…

So it is obvious to me that Mesner wanted to deflect attention away from himself so he sicked his minions on me.

I mean he knew what would happen when he retweeted it.

His minions did what they always do- what Michael Aquino did in the 80s when allegations came out against him concerning child abuse. They decried “religious descrimination”.

So the argument is ” no one can investigate satanists for anything whatsoever because doing so is religious descrimination”.

But after fighting with Mesner and all of his minions, I am more certain the he and probably members of his group are behind radicalizing people on Qanon.

What a leap- a Satanic cult leader radicalizing people in a cult- this being Qanon.

Shane Bugbee- who was Mesner’s cohort in establishing the Satanic Temple- has said this. .

Of course Mesner claims Bugbee is a liar. But then Mesner always claims that anyone who speaks out against him is a liar.

According to him he is ALWAYS the ONLY one who tells the truth.

But Qanon is a psych op in my opinion and it is increasingly becoming more radicalized and more violent by it’s extreme members.

Finding out who is working behind the scenes is important in containing it’s influence.

In my years of experience dealing with Doug Mesner- who obsessively watches everything I do- going on my Twitter account to “stalk” me and sick his minions on me is the LEAST of an examples I can give, I think that looking into his activities could truly be beneficial in learning more about Qanon.

He certainly doesn’t want anyone to even consider it. Because if Sunday showed me anything is the Mesner doesn’t want anyone to even QUESTION if he could be involved with Q.

I’m not suggesting he started it. I’m not even suggesting he came up with the idea. But could he be a little worker bee behind the scenes?


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