They Never Stop Hitting Me with Their D.E.W. Weapons

It is strange how crazy persistent they are touturing me with their weapons to shut me up.

Not just about my family being involved with their child trafficking ring that made them all very rich, but about their directed energy weapons themselves.

Recently on YouTube one of their shills tried their old arguments to say I spoke about “talking rocks” involved with these weapons.

However, I have never even suggested they were talking rocks. Satanist Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves-founder of the Satanic Temple- was closer when he called them “burning rocks”.

In Algona, WA I found 12 very large rocks in my yard- planted in the ground as if they had always been there although they just “appeared”.

The tops of each of these rocks was exposed and covered with a black metallic looking mold. I found the SAME black metallic looking mold on the top part of my window air conditioner vents in my bedroom. Not inside- nor even on the bottom part of the vent slates but ONLY on the top- as if it had been painted there.

What is notable is at this exact same time I started dropping loads of weight. In fact, in two months I dropped well over a hundred pounds.

Then someone told me I should look and see if there were any rocks that had appeared in my yard. I was told they would be covered with a strange black looking metallic mold which they told me was called “smart dust”.

Sure enough- I found 12 large rocks- many just pieces of concrete- buried strategically around my house like they had always been there- although they hadn’t been.

Immediately after digging them all up and removing them- I stopped losing weight and began gaining back what I had lost.

These rocks are of particular interest to satanist Doug and his group as they bring them up often- usually claiming I said they were “talking rocks”- which I never have- and now Doug claiming I said they were ” burning rocks” which I never have but honestly is closer to the point.

Doug and his merry little band of evil lovers are not only Satanists but they are also Nazis.

Richard Spencer- a well known white supremacist- and his group have been known to work things in a way that they are able to take people’s homes from them in the Pacific Northwest. The same crap was attempted on me.

My house in Washington was in a good spot- directly in-between Tacoma and Seattle.

Now they don’t want my house (they have no interest in small town Iowa)- they just want me dead and gone.

They don’t like that I have suggested they are involved behind the scenes with Qanon- radicalizing people to hate and violence.

They don’t like that I have suggested their behavior needs to be investigated concerning driving people into being insurrectionists who stormed the Capital.

And they don’t like me pointing out their use of these directed energy weapons. The SAME weapons that were used on the U.S. Cuban and Chinese Embassies.

I don’t know why I’m not dead yet. My only guess is God. But they are torturing me with their bs- and have now for 6 years this coming March.

But I believe they will one day experience retribution. They don’t believe in God- let alone God’s wrath- but I do.

I know it’s true.

And one day- soon I hope- so will they.

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