Their Crap is Collapsing- and They’re About to Reap What They Have Sewn

Nazis DIDN’T take over. Mankind as a whole has NOT embraced hatred and derision. And now their crap is slowly being brought into the light.

Despite all their efforts.

But it is just beginning.

The darkness of which they have “served” (although it could EASILY be argued that all they have served is THEMSELVES), is now starting to claim them- as NO ONE lives forever.

And their deeds are beginning to come out into the light.

White supremacists/Satanists are behind Qanon. They are basically doing the same thing that was done in the 80s when all of this came out the first time.

In America, AND Europe, AND Australia- SIMULTANEOUSLY. At a time when there was NO internet.

And the UK has been busted for covering up the alligations. Which is why Hoaxstead Research came to be.

Hoaxstead Research is the UK’s version of Qanon. They have the same exact goal- to contain and discredit anyone who would come forward and talk about any abuse they’ve suffered.

And it is run and promoted by Nazi Satanists- who are OPEN about their beliefs. (Until you call them on it of course- which they THEN cry religious discrimination).

Michael Aquino went all over national television in the 80s- doing just this.

He was accused of HORRIBLE things- esp. concerning the Presidio in California, but was never investigated. Of course the reason given WASN’T because he was being discriminated against because he was a Luciferian but rather our government claimed it was because of national security- although WHY child sexual abuse was part of national security was never explained.

Now Aqino’s “replacement”- who goes by the alias Doug Meaner as well as the alias Lucien Greaves- founder of the Satinic Temple- but who’s real name is Doug Misicko- claims the same thing.

I have a LONG history with Doug- who basically stalks me because I stand against him. You can see some of our interactions by simply tying his name’s into the search engine on my blog David to see what I’ve had to deal with.

His co founder Shane Bugbe has asserted he is working with the CIA.

Of course Doug claims he is a liar.

But then Doug has a long history of claiming EVERYONE who speaks against him is a liar. Or crazy. Or a pedophile. (Exactly like Qanon does).

And if that doesn’t work- he claims he is a victim of religious discrimination. Just like Aquino did all of his life.

Doug IS working with the CIA in my opinion. I also believe he and his band of Satanists are involved with Qanon and other events that help forment the Nazi/Satanist movement.

Like Qanon. Who claim Democrats are behind this child abuse cabal although in the 80s our national media reported it was the Republicans that were involved and that it went straight to the Regan/Bush White House.

Doug and his group have gone out of their way to attack EVERYONE who has tried to honestly expose this mess. EXCEPT Qanon- which Doug and his minions have remained silent about.

And if you have a question about the validity of this child trafficking mess- you only have to look at Jeffery Epstein- who’s activities and who he was working with have YET to be exposed is STILL being kept secret.

Whether or not he committed suicide is NOT the issue ( although anyone who uses their brain can see he didn’t) but the fact that the details of what he was involved with has remained a total secret shows there is a concerted effort to keep this all secret.

While Doug and his minions attack anyone who comes forward. I’m only ONE in a LONG list of people he and his group have gone after.

But their crap is falling apart. The white supremacists are being exposed ( basically after they were behind instrumenting an attempted insurection on Jan 6, 2021) and the American government did NOT succumb to white supremacy as a whole- although it is being reported that our police, military, and government is infiltrated by them.

But it isn’t going to stop there.

God is in control. And the time of redemption is quickly becoming a time of accountability and retribution.

I may not be around on this side to see it as my body is wearing down from their directed energy weapons attacks on me. Most die of strokes or heart attacks- and their autopsies show significant scarring on their organs. I’m sure I’ll be the same.

Mark Esper- when he was acting Secretary of Defense- admitted these weapons existed…

I have repeatedly given the evidence of their existence…

So obviously claiming they don’t exist is delusional.

Doug’s little group has claimed anything and everything to discredit me. And our government has been trying to kill me to silence me.

Why? Because this article is just a small taste of what I have tried to expose in the decades I have been at this.

However, regardless of what happens to me- I know that their ultimate plans have failed- and will CONTINUE to fail.

They will be exposed. And immediately after they take their last breath (and we all will because NO ONE lives forever) the Darkness is standing ready to claim them.

Mankind will NEVER deal with this. God however- most certainly IS.

And the fact they are all ignorant of this fact will make their demise even more sweet.

And you can BANK on that!


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