They Are After Me NOT Because I’m Crazy OR That I’m a Liar But Because I Speak The Truth

You only have to read the myriads of exchanges I’ve published on this blog to see that Doug Misicko aka Doug Meaner aka Lucien Greaves- founder of the Satanic Temple is obsessed with me.

He and his followers do anything and everything they can to discredit me. I mean- just go to YouTube and type in my name to see a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

However- what is obvious is that they want to prevent anyone from listening to me.

This is because I’m speaking the truth.

I mean why would any of their crap be necessary if they truly believed I was crazy or a liar? Wouldn’t it be self evident?

But I’m neither of those things- which is their issue with me. And they OBVIOUSLY have issues with me considering how much time and effort they have spent making video after video trashing me.

Not to mention their constant attacks on me, all the death threats- and the continuous harassment.

Why? Because I am NOT lying. Nor am I crazy.

Doug and his group need to be investigated by law officials as I by far am NOT their only victim.

I’m just one who will stand to expose these idiots until my dying breath despite their attacks on me.

I’ll do the right thing no matter how hard they make it on me.

Why? Because what I’ve done- esp on the spiritual level- is working. The vise is tightening around them- and in the end- when it is all said and done- I just want Doug and everyone he is affiliated with to remember the same thing I told Michael Aquino- I TOLD YOU SO.

God and Heaven are real. As is Heaven’s wrath. And ego does NOT trump truth. No matter how much you lie to other people- most esp yourselves.

But to say Doug and the group he is affiliated with is screwed is stating the obvious. On EVERY level they are screwed- and this was true LONG before I ever showed up.

They are rabid- and God is about to deal with them and their disease. In fact it’s already happening.

But one thing you can count on is that they’ll most likely churn out another video attacking me in order to try and deflect from themselves.

Like that will have ANY affect on what is looming over them.

But like I said- they’re fucked. So can anyone expect anything different?






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