Conversations After the Pedophile Lobby Sought Me Out to Engage Me One More Time

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Gordon_bydand says:
“I am not into multiple conspiracy theories- all I talk about is Franklin”
“SRA”, MKUltra, that time you insisted that everyone was a CIA assassin secretly working at Amazon monitoring you…

this is stupid. I believe- since the False Memory Foundation headquarters are in Seattle and Amazon headquarters are located in Seattle- i figured that they- talking about your group now- probably had an inside to this place- seeings as how this is your only venue. I went through MKUltra- as did my older siblings- and SRA is highly connected to it. But then my opinion about the False Memory foundation is well known- and its history is even more so. I think that the False Memory Foundation is a front that actively attacks survivors in order to keep our government’s secrets quiet, and that it has been around for three decades. However- as we are seeing today- more and more survivors are coming out of the woodwork- Hollywood, Omaha, all over the United States and esp. abroad in the UK- to the only ones screaming about a “witch hunt” are those who are actively and aggressively trying to detour any conversation about it by dismissing and berating EVERYONE AND ANYONE who talks about it. I think you are part of this group- cause no one as intelligent as you would spend as much time on here fighting the way you do for no reason. I think you are exceptionally bright- and why you are IN HERE all the time begs the question as to why such a bright person- with such a great life- isn’t out living it but rather sitting in a chat in Amazon supposedly trying to save the world from even considering the fact that SRA, MKUltra and Child traffickings are real and highly connected.

“the restraining order was done by my stepmother”
Doesn’t matter who or why. The point remains; I have never had a restraining order issued against me, whereas a judge not only found you enough of a credible threat to issue one, but also to renew it!

This is a lie, it wasn’t renewed. Nor is it in effect now- nor has it been in effect for years. I hate my stepmother- and I am outrageously angry with her- and it came through. I have that right- considering what I have had to endure. And I need NO PERMISSION to feel the way I feel, certainly not from you.

“at least i am not Mesner whose friends and colleagues say he is just trying to make money with his movement. The very person you ALL have quoted.”
You keep saying that with no proof, 99% of the time you’re the only one who mentions Mesner – sidebar, I have gone on the record as disliking him, and only mentioned him recently to show YOUR cognitive dissonance – and didn’t YOU claim that your ex- then not- and now again-friend Goodwin is only in it for the money?

I also said I was wrong. Pat Goodwin at threw one of the best conferences and first of its kind anywhere and she did it on a bare bones budget. And the fact that she hosted such a successful conference in the same town that the False Memory Foundation is headquartered at- I have the up most respect for her- as does EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED THE CONFERENCE- attendees and speakers alike. No one but her could have pulled off such a thing. People came away from that conference CHANGED- and it changed the dynamics- and most of all the perspectives- of what it was like to be DID and out in the world in advocates, therapists- and survivor’s alike. This next conference- from what I understand- is going to be even better. And say what you will- but people out in the real world like me- and more than that- they are interested in what we all have to say. The things you assert about us online don’t hold up in the real world- and all of us are doing a great deal of work in Seattle. You see- I am not just a blogger- but I am also an activist- and Amazon is HARDLY my only venue.

“serial killers don’t go to therapy. But then you probably know more about that than i do.”
No, I wouldn’t. I don’t have any mental illnesses, or problems dire enough to need therapy, nor have I killed anyone. As opposed to YOU (according to you, anyway; I don’t believe it – although I note you didn’t answer the question about Letelier).

The place that False Memory Foundation needs to be on it it’s own home turf, and it is funny watching all of you squawk like you know in the knowledge that this whole mess is coming out and try as you might- there is NO WAY YOU CAN STOP IT. History ALWAYS repeats itself- but this time there are more survivors than before and we are WELL connected and it is time that this whole mess come out into the light. In the end- we will be judged by our ACTIONS- and not some anonymous troll who lives on the internet and fights as much as you do on Amazon.

and i didn’t answser the question about Letelier because it is always seems like a distraction from what REALLY needs to be talked about and the names that REALLY need to be mentioned.

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  1. tamara

     /  December 6, 2014

    i believe you indefinelty