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I find it interesting that the False memory people rarely bring up things such as Temple of Set- which is run by a former member of our elite govt by the name of Michael Aquino. This man was not only named as one of the culprits in the McMartin case- which included not only McMartin but a slew of other day-cares in the area, but also the Presidio daycare case- which was closed and protected by our govt. Assuming that all parents who reported abuse are “usually mentally unbalanced parents harboring weird imaginings or an ax to grind, or both” is so generalized that it dismisses the hundreds of concerned parents who came forth with allegations of abuse regarding their children that involved day-cares. The media- such as Geraldo- did their best to disregard these claims in the public eye in the late 80s and early 90s- just as Lucian Greaves and his Satanic Temple does when he runs rallies for Rick Scott, gets arrested for public indecency in grave yards, and tries to get satanic statues erected in Oklahoma. Doing their best to make satanism normal and innocuous, they promote bad behavior by trying to normalize the behavior in the public eye, which is why people like Jimmy Saville are NEVER arrested or prosecuted. Most who argue for the False Memory generally equate abuse allegations with flat out falsehoods- telling survivors they cant be believed, doing more damage than ever.
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