A New Con By the False Memory False Pedophile Protection Squad on the Huffington Post

Basically- the new article on the Huffington Post entitled “Sex and Satanic Abuse: A Fad Revisited” by Allen Frances is nothing but a persuasive piece trying to convince people that child abuse never happens- that those parents who who report it are “mentally unbalanced parents harboring weird imaginings or an ax to grind, or both.” Don’t trust the police or the prosecution- because “ambitious prosecutors… used the cases to make a name for themselves.” Worse… “Parents, police, prosecutors, and therapists who theoretically were there to protect the kids from abuse instead themselves became their abusers.” The only ones who are the victims in this type of behavior are people like Jimmy Saville I guess. Of course- this is the case that has the Pedophile Protection Squad the most nervous- as people are beginning to realize the REALITY of this type of abuse. Of course- Frances is desperately trying to push through and help promote a man by the name of Noll- who wrote an article in Psychiatry Today that was nothing but a propaganda piece that was removed because it was so full of falsehoods. Desperately claiming that the abusers of children are the only victims here- people like Frances and Noll continuously call the survivor’s liars and go on and on about how the pedophile abusers are innocent. The fact that the Huffington Post promotes this is just sad, and the fact that these people believe that everyone involved with reporting child abuse are liars is disgusting in my opinion- and just wrong.

For those of you who are interested in reading the piece- here is the link….


Please go vote on this article and perhaps comment- our children need to be protected from zealots like this- who believe that child abuse is often a lie and that abusers are most likely innocent. It is our job as a community to protect our children- and keep ourselves from being deterred from that by pedophilia promoting articles like this piece of propaganda.


Arguing with some idiot anon on Amazon- this is the whole argument for abusers in a nutshell. Screw the children and protect the abusers- since they are the ones who need protecting.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 30, 2014 9:33:57 AM PST
Gordon_bydand says:
Felicity says…”It is societies DUTY to protect children – whatever it takes” [sic]
Gordon replied… “Because it’s NOT. Children have no special claim on society, and when they violate its rules with manufactured stories (or, as is more likely, are coerced into doing so by corrupt authority figures), they should be corrected. This only applies to false claims, of course; but, because you are dishonest, you will ignore that qualification and generalize my statement. Your typical false equivocation that denying “satanic ritual abuse” is the same as denying all child abuse, which no one is now or ever has said.

Your pal Shurter seems dismissive of the idea of a witch hunt. Do you know how the Salem Witch Trials started? A bunch of teenage girls started making hysterical accusations. 19 people were executed and scores imprisoned. All in the name of “protecting children”. Where was society’s duty to the innocent adults judicially murdered? I can easily imagine you and Shurter on the sidelines, yelling “Witch Protector Squad!” at anyone who tries to halt the irrational cycle of accusation, torture, and death.”

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