The General Attitude of Doug Mesner aka Gordon the Anon?, and His Pedophile Protection Squad Crew

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Gordon_bydand says:
He put people’s addresses up, he stalked a woman across state lines, he had a restraining order filed against him by his step-mother, he likes to make threats about “investigating” anyone who makes pertinent criticism, he accuses them of being “pedophile protectors” if not predators themselves, he constructs elaborate conspiracy theories out of thin air, and he comes here for the sole intention of trolling to promote his own book which I assume he gets the royalties for. You’re a lot more forgiving than I am; as far as I’m concerned, he’s in it up to his neck and deserves to rot in jail with the other two.

So I replied…

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David says:
Gordon- you know it all. Of course- I took down the address after I Googled it off the internet- much like I do when I am trying to figure out who you really are- but afterwards MY old address appeared all over- so you can say that your side got me back in spades. I DID NOT STALK ANYONE- I invited Jenny Hill out for coffee when I went to Sundance with my sister- but you have no clue about that because you weren’t there. If I was stalking her- I would have met up with her- but I didn’t because she weirded me out by wanting to record my sis and I. My sis who has absolutely no connection to this mess other than she is DID. Anyone who wants to read the restraining order transcripts are more than welcome too- they have been on my blog since it happened- and in Omaha- money has a great deal of influence. You attack victims and extoll the virtues of the accused- so your own actions state that you defend pedophiles- although you lie to yourself by always saying that the victims are lying. There have been documentaries and books written about Omaha- so I hardly pulled anything out of thin air- but you will say whatever you need to say to try and influence people to your way of thinking. I never mention my book by name- and whether I get the royalties or not is none of your business (but for the record I don’t- they are being used to pay the cost of doing the book). However- I have done nothing that warrents jail other than displease you- and I am actually thankful for that because you only like people who are like yourself- and I have NO INTENTION OF EVER LOWERING MYSELF TO THAT LEVEL.

These are typical attacks against survivors such as myself on Amazon- Felicity is also another one they like to attack. We are on the front lines- where anonymous trolls like to infer horrible things and make events that they know little about into huge mountains in order to discredit anyone who claims abuse. I, like Felicity- are on the front lines of this mess- where the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad is able to attack viciously under the cover of secrecy, never able to stand honestly with the power of their convictions as real individuals. It is hard- arguing with trolls that you have no idea about- and to say that it is frustrating enduring their constant attacks is an understatement.

However- Gordon wants the whole world to see what he has to say- and I was feeling generous this morning so I felt that I should share his accusations with the rest of the world by putting it on my blog- although Gordon is convinced that the only people who read it are tinfoil wearing conspiracy theorists. I get 500+ hits a day- and I just want to say that I am grateful for the interest and I have the upmost respect for those of you who consider what I am saying and give it some thought.

This whole argument is coming to the forefront again- and I, like Felicity- am proud to be on the front lines fighting for the truth to come out. Many people have been HORRIBLY HURT by the False Memory Foundation- (I never call it a syndrome because NO PROFESSIONAL HAS EVER PROVED IT IS ANYTHING OTHER THAN A PROPAGANDA TOOL- in order to shy people away from the real abuse that was happening.)

This is one of the comments I have posted on the Huff Post regarding SRA and it’s validity…

“It was my personal experience that SRA was directly connected to the government project MKUltra. Omaha was heavy with this activity- as is shown in the British Documentary “A Conspiracy of Silence”. My parents were involved with this activity and also child trafficking and explotation- which is also part of this mess. There is a long history of this activity in Omaha, and the backlash BEGAN here- with the first court case of DID being discredited here- making way for a group of people to discredit the condition totally. Smoke and mirrors have been constantly presented to mask this type of behavior- and as we have seen in the UK with Jimmy Saville, this type of behavior DOES INDEED EXIST. Even today there is a group, often reported on by Huff Post- that does its best to promote satanic beliefs all the while saying that satanism doesn’t exist. is a video which details the politics of child abuse, and is a continuation of that video. These videos detail the history of child abuse and its detractors. is a good article detailing the recent events concerning satanism today.”

Just so I am not accused of BIAS- here is the link to that article…

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