As An MKUltra Survivor- A Response to the Satanists To Those Who I Grew Up With and To Those I Have Never Met

In my book Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story, I speak about becoming possessed by a demon by the name of Uriel who inhabited my father up to his death, at which point he came and sought me out. I detail our conversation- what he offered and what I asked of him, and the efforts that I went through to help him back to God. You see, the darkness was a tool of Heaven’s intention all along, to test mankind. The energy of Heaven is completely loving and forgiving and there is neither a lake of fire nor any eternal pit of hell. God is about Grace, and Heaven embracing the worst first and welcoming them back home has made a reverberation in the Universe that has changed everything.

Right after helping Uriel, I spent over year and a half consciously and with intent seeking out shamanic-ally as many of the fallen as I could in order to help them the same way I did him. Every being that fell first from the grace of God has been helped back, coincidentally being the very ones your group has been feeding on for generations. No surprise to me, Heaven embraced each and every one of them back. At first, I went on this quest because I was asked too- but later, I began to realize the effect it was having on the world, and that the only way to defeat your group was to remove the source of your power, thus I continued with the vigor only true faith in Heaven provides.

As you taught me, we are orbit ally reaching the astrological plain of Ophiuchus, when this war with Heaven was supposedly going to happen. After all, isn’t it at the heart of the serpent bearer where the gates of Heaven lay? You all were right of course, and I can assure all of you that Heaven is totally focused on all of us now and that there has been a definite shift of energy that has resulted in your exposure by bringing your crimes out into the light. Less and less people trust their governments and media outlets every day do to the continuous scandals and crimes that are coming up daily concerning your illicit activities. No longer able to hide in the darkness, it is a remarkable difference from the past, wouldn’t you say- when all of this would have been so easily suppressed? In fact, correct me if I am wrong, but this is the first time in history that this whole Satanist thing hasn’t worked, isn’t it? It is because the energy you were using like parasites is no longer available to you. Do all the rituals you want but none of you will find the power you are looking for. Those days are gone and never again will it work for you like it has in the past.

From the day of my conception, you drove the darkness into me with your tests, torture, and death. There are those who have argued that what you taught me is against God, and that I am being disillusioned by the dark. Convinced as a child that I would be the Anti-Christ as an adult, this could be true, but I am so good at what you taught me that I couldn’t stop from using it to bring you all to a halt. This epic generational hold each of your families has had on the rein of power had to stop, and the only way this could be accomplished was by removing your advantage so God gave me a way to do that. My lessons on energy manipulation and traveling mentally in different dimensions enabled my remote viewing to reach such a level that none of you could have foreseen the consequences when you were training me as a child. It all made it all too easy to connect with, and more importantly, decipher what I was experiencing enough to enable me to cause an effect. I only needed to focus my intent- visualize it- and see it through, even if I had to ask for help. In everything I did, I left room for God to work Heaven’s miracles. Now the ones you have used for your dark purposes are on the side of God, and all of Heaven is with us now. And it seems, as a whole, that none of them appreciated being used in such ways and Heaven is displeased in such a way that I wouldn’t want to be any of you.

Eager to please, God intends to give you all the existence your families have fought so long and hard for; a realm where there is nothing but darkness and the light of Heaven is non existent. In fact, you are all about to take the place of the very angels you have been manipulating for generations. Experiencing nothing but the misery you have caused for others, the results of your work are going to be brought back to you all in abundance. Times are changing fast, and the point has come where it is time to pay the piper.

You were very effective teaching what you forced me to learn although the one thing you could never control was my personal choice. Influence, threaten, and torture me as you did as a child- it was my training that helped me to realize the true existence of God and find the energy of Heaven undeniable. It was this which kept me from breaking and was probably the only thing that saved me in the end. I simply used what you all taught me to do to connect with my abilities and work with the energy source you exposed me too as a child. And the coolest thing about it is that there are a ton of others out there like me, who you taught the same lessons to, who have become the psychic warriors you designed us to be but none of whom you can control. The Light of Heaven is shining upon us all and we have all been judged accountable for the repercussions of our actions, and now the power of Heaven is going to deal with each of us accordingly. No worries though, as some of you involved with this Luciferian project will be given the positions of austerity you have so desperately felt entitled too, although probably not as you all have imagined.

God is not about flesh but spirit as the power of Heaven works through us as us, engaging us within us and using us as conduits to create the wonder and magic that stems from the Grace that flows from the light into everyday reality. This relationship with the light is within us all, directed by our intentions, which are displayed through our actions, and it is this interaction with our souls on which we all will all be judged. As a result, all of the pain and suffering experienced by so many as a direct result from your Luciferian practices is about to return to you amplified; and since it will all flow to you through you, there will be nothing you can do to stop it. So enjoy it while you got it, cause I assure you, it ain’t gonna last.

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