Helping the Fallen back to Heaven Was In No Way Against God

The reason why so much money and time has been spent by our government on projects like MKUltra is that, quite simply, what they have been studying works. Energy manipulation has been incredibly effective, and the psychic abilities that they have encouraged through the generations have been very real. Building “psychic warriors” has been a long time goal basically because, up to this point, it has provided fantastic results. I am not going to argue the morality of all of this, or whether it was right or wrong in the eyes of God, but I am simply stating that it was successful in it’s endeavors.

Terrified of what was opened in me as a child, I spent years trying to shut it down unsuccessfully. Eventually, I realized that I had to deal with myself and come to terms with what was done to me- both physically as well as spiritually. I have had it argued that simple prayer would stop all of this and that it is because I want to remain special as the reason why my plea went unheard by God- but this is not factual. Feeling fundamentally flawed, I spent much of my life feeling like I was abhorrent in the eyes of Heaven. Finally I reached a point where I have come to believe that God kept me as I am for a reason, and that I had an obligation to use what I was taught to glorify God and help those who were unable to help themselves. This included those who had fallen first from the Grace of God.

Knowing what I did to be the right thing, I am nonetheless surprised at those who argue that what I have done is against God and that I am, in many ways, doing just what the cult in my childhood wanted me to do. This is also incorrect. I assure everyone that the cult had no intention of me removing their power. They have been using the assistance of the fallen for generations now, which has enabled them to keep a hold of the world as they have. I simply removed that help.

Invested in a pit of eternal hell fire, I find it interesting that so many who profess to know God believe that Heaven demands that we love our enemies, but the same does not hold true for Heaven. “Love your enemies but give me a second while I throw mine in an eternal fire pit” is a contradiction of the worse sort, and makes God out to be a hypocrite. God’s love and grace is available to all, and that includes the fallen.

Helping the fallen to go back to Heaven was indicative of God’s grace and regardless what the Bible says, it is what happened. As a result, our most powerful have been brought down in such a way that they will never recover the power they had in the past. The dark practices are now all coming into the light and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Agree or not with all of this, it won’t change what has occurred, nor will it change what is.

We are in a time of miracles, and Heaven is going to work through us as us to bring Heaven on Earth. No longer will the magnificence of God be shadowed, and we- as a race of beings, as a whole are about to have our doubts soothed as to whether God exists. We are ALL capable of working with the energies of Heaven, and to do so is not wrong but is EXACTLY what need to happen. Hearing our cries, Heaven has responded, and bringing the fallen back home was only the beginning. I was given the ability to do what I did, and so I took advantage of the opportunity. In doing so, my testimony has been strengthened and I have begun to understand the compassion God and all of Heaven has for each of us.

Taught early on to be frightened of my abilities, I have laid claim to them in order to make a change so that as an adult I am no longer controlled by that fear. It has only been through the grace of God that I was able to succeed. Despite how others feel as to what I have done, I feel that I have made the right choice and that the effects of what I have done is making a change for the better concerning mankind.

I have no regrets.

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