Repent- For the End is Upon Us

“Don’t tell the Gods I left a mess;
I can’t undo what has been done.
Let’s run for cover.
What if I’m the only hero left,
You’d better fire off your gun;
Once and forever.
He said go dry your eyes and live your life like there is no tomorrow, son,
And tell the others.
To go singing like a hummingbird,
The greatest anthem ever heard.
We are the heroes of our time-
But we’re dancing with the demons in our minds.
We are the heroes of our time.

Måns Zelmerlöw- Heroes

To understand where we are now, we must go back to the very beginning- back to the Garden of Eden and the first war with Heaven.

There was a group of angels- some of God’s finest, who believed that since they were doing all the work, should be the rulers and that mankind should be subjugate to them. Organizing the first coup, they elected one to go tempt Adam and Eve into going against the word of God- convinced that this would tip things in their favor, thus allowing them a chance to overthrow Heaven and usurp God’s place.

We are all aware of how well that worked. God threw the angels out of Heaven and Man out of the Garden of Eden. Figuring that since now we knew about good and evil, man needed to be tested and so God gave the banished angels dominion over all of the Earth, giving them the opportunity to do their will, which they did from the very start.

The “fallen” angels have always had control over everything in the world, which is why the Devil was able to offer it all to Jesus if he would only bow to him. Had everything in the world not been his, the Devil wouldn’t have been able to offer it to Jesus in the first place. Everything of man was set in place by the fallen, who have been completely in control of everything but our free will from the very beginning. All politics, all religion, and all governments have been controlled of a group of angels who had been set in place by God to put all of mankind into the fires of temptation to test us in order to glean what we are really worth.

Most Christians balk when I talk about life being nothing but energy, but essentially this is what Jesus taught when he walked the Earth, giving us two simple rules. Love God like no other, and love your neighbor as your brother. Getting lost in the translation that he was the Son of God- what he taught is that we are ALL sons and daughters of God. He was simply our “older brother”, showing us by example how we are suppose to live our lives. By manifesting love with everything he did, Jesus showed us the best of what can be accomplished with a focus and intent on love.

Having no need of form themselves, the angels thus elected to interact with those men who had power and dominion on Earth, influencing and tempting them to adhere to the angles desires. There had been a group of Gnostic believers from the very beginning who believed Satan was mankind’s deliverer and that the fallen angels cause was true and just, and it is in those early writings that those who believe the same today find consolation and power.

Branded heretics, these Gnostic men went underground and did their best to infiltrate every aspect of the life of mankind in order to mold it into their ideas of a utopia- a world fit for the one who would stand against Heaven and claim it for his own- who would reward them all with the riches at his disposal when it was accomplished.

You see, mankind and the world around us is not in the place that it is by accident. Every system of mankind on Earth has been corrupted from the very beginning, thus this thumbing our nose at Heaven has been in the works for a very long time. The angels boasted that they could turn every man against God, and so Heaven gave them all the opportunity to try.

However, angels toying with man is much like man toying with ants. It may be fun at first but I simply can’t imagine what it was like for them to face an eternity able to do nothing BUT that. Mankind seems to believe that demons are only focused on us and for the most part this is correct, but the truth is more like they have nothing else to do. No man nor angel is able to thwart the will of God, and their lot was to be left behind to tempt man to turn from Heaven. And ONLY that.

My childhood was full of systematic abuse and torture, which opened me up mentally that wouldn’t have happened had I not gone through what I had. I was encouraged to not only to work with the energies of the dark but embrace them as part of myself. For many years I did what most have done who went through what I did and enveloped myself in the physical specifics of what happened. Obsessed with who did what controlled me as effectively as when all of it was happening to me as a child, an I seethed with a constant anger, obsessively mulling over how I could get back at those who had hurt me while unable to control the effects caused by what I went through.

An abused child always becomes hypersensitive to their environment in order to survive, but the extremity of my abuse was such that I couldn’t stop myself from looking into people’s minds to ascertain what they were thinking. Often finding things that scared people, I used my abilities to form a distance from others in order to protect myself. Instructed that life was nothing more than energy which could be manipulated and controlled, I nonetheless found myself at the mercy of my anger and hate- which caused me to lash out at all those around me, creating a life that was desolate and lonely. This, of course, only fed my discord and for years I found myself in a caustic cycle of self abuse caused by my own doing.

All of this eventually led me into therapy, which is something that I highly suggest for everyone. Detailing what had been done to me and what was happening to me as a result, I begged for help to stop it. However, my therapist instead suggested that I learn to control it. Introducing me to mankind’s first spiritual practice, given to man by Heaven and found in almost all of every early culture on Earth, I learned about Shamanism and how it helped one not only understand the flow of life’s energies but enabled one to be able to direct it in ways that were beneficial and healing instead of dark and destructive.

I have now been practicing Shamanism since first learning about it at twenty seven, being close to 50 now. I eventually came to terms with the fact that I am an empath and have the ability to sense what those around me are thinking and feeling. My spiritual practice has taught me how to shield myself from being overwhelmed or controlled by my gifts, and I have learned, without a doubt, that we are all connected and that everything is God, as there is nothing that is separate from God. Thus I have grown to appreciate the bonds I have to life, with others, and most especially with God.

It has been my personal experience that God, and in fact all of Heaven, is focused on a life of understanding, compassion, and, most of all, love. When we live our lives in this way, we OURSELVES become better as individuals, and that love flows from us out into the rest of the world, making our lives and those around us better as a result.

Anyway- getting possessed by a “demon” right before I turned 40 and directly after my father died was what gave me an idea on how to strike back at the systems and the men that had made so much havoc in the world. You see, I truly believe that there is absolutely no lake of fire waiting for ANY angel or man. God’s intent is only about understanding, compassion, and love- so considering that we have been told to love everyone, including our enemies, it is totally inconceivable that God would hypocritically throw his into some eternal pit of fire. Heaven welcoming back Uriel, which was the name I was given to call he who had possessed me, drastically changed everything in existence, especially for those who had first turned away from Heaven, who were given hope after believing for so long that they were beyond Heaven’s redemption and God’s grace. God’s love and grace has no boundaries, which included the fallen. I realize that saying this has a tendency to anger some people, who mostly identify themselves as Christians and who cling to the belief of an eternal damnation from God’s hand that awaits anyone who has turned away from the path of Heaven, but I can assure you that God- capable only of pure love and compassion- knows nothing about such things.

Right after my fortieth birthday when I helped free Uriel, I decided that they only way to win against those in charge who were working so hard to bring mankind to it’s knees was to remove the forces that supported them and gave them their power in the first place. So I decided to go on a Shamanic pilgrimage that lasted for about to two years to find the angels who had turned from Heaven to help them back into the grace of God’s love. Having been taught to interact with dark forces as a child and being neither afraid nor intimidated by them, I figured that I was the only one who could effectively do this, and felt that it was the best way for me to honor God and Heaven.

It was no more than two weeks later that December 2006, after I helped Uriel cross over, that the Republican party fell so hard that you had to keep a scorecard to keep up with the scandals that were hitting the media. It is written that “so as it is above so shall it be below”, and I took this as an encouraging sign that I was correct in believing what I did, which pushed me to keep going further. Those in control of the world have manipulated and used forces which were not theirs to control, and so I figured the only way to defeat them was to take away their advantage by helping the angels to go back to God. I want to also add that, during this time, there was not ONE angel who wasn’t fully welcomed back into the grace and love of God, as they, in fact, have been doing the bidding Heaven all along- which was to test us.

Everything in the world is crashing around about us now because the forces that have supported our systems from the beginning have been removed, and although the same men in charge still have their grip on the reigns of the world, they have lost the ability to control events like they have before. That is why everything that they have kept hidden for so long is now coming out into the light- and there is absolutely nothing that they can do to stop or prevent it. As such, mankind is going to experience the complete destruction of our world. It is also written that all things known to man will pass away and be no more- and now that this is happening, no one is able to avoid or fight against this transition.

Bill Gates is right when he claims that there is a huge pandemic coming towards us, and whether he and his posse are a part of it or it just happens on its own accord makes no difference. It is coming. But that is not the only thing that is going to happen. Everything is shifting, changing, and ending. For eons we have been duped with the idea that man could command an attendance with God, forcing him to come back and save us, when in fact it is just the opposite. God is bringing all of us back to him. Mankind has been tested and now we are all about to be graded on our performance, but it is WE who are being called back into God’s presence and NOT the other way around. No deity is going to break through the 5th dimension and fly out of the sky to fix what we have broken. God is demanding an audience with each one of us instead, and there is nothing any of us can do to prevent this as none of us are capable of thwarting the will of Heaven.

I know that lot of you will struggle with what I have just said and many of you will outright dismiss it, declaring it as lunacy. However, there are those of you who will sense the truth of what I have just relayed. God is PURE understanding, compassion, and love and it is our responsibility to emulate God as much as we are able. As bad as some of us are, there were none worse than those who first turned from Heaven, and if God can lovingly embrace all of them back into the fold, there is no none who won’t be offered the same. After all, is it not written that judgement is reserved only for God and that he can and will do whatever he pleases without anyone’s acceptance or permission? The simple fact is, the time is fast approaching when each and every one of us is going to face our Maker and so we all had better act accordingly. And I say this in Heaven’s name, Amen.

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