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This is How I Know Juliane Assange is Dead

This is how I know that Assange is dead. The day that picture came out with him with his hand over his heart- my sister had called me hysterical- demanding that I get on my computer immediately and try to pull up a link. I did- and it didn’t come up- and so I asked […]

Arguing Against the Pedophile Rights Movement

Oh- and just so all of you know- this was a posted comment just left on Hoaxtead… Remember what I said about once “pizzagate” is discredited- ALL of Wikileaks will be? anon November 27, 2016 at 2:50 pm Bob, as Justin Sanity says above, we really do not know anything that is verifiable for certain. […]

Some Facebook Rants: Where We Are Today…

I find it interesting how they have most of us convinced that it is Hillary supporters vs. Trump supporters- ESP. considering that 50% of the population refused to vote. This election rated right up there with I have one plate of fully formed dog shit- and another plate of diarrhea- which one are you going […]