Arguing Against the Pedophile Rights Movement







Oh- and just so all of you know- this was a posted comment just left on Hoaxtead… Remember what I said about once “pizzagate” is discredited- ALL of Wikileaks will be?

November 27, 2016 at 2:50 pm

Bob, as Justin Sanity says above, we really do not know anything that is verifiable for certain.
For example, how do we know that the emails are even genuine?
Even f it can be shown that they are of genuine origin, how do we know that the emails have not been altered afterwards?
How can you trust Wikileaks for anything. They are about as accountable and transparent as any government.
How easy is it to start a meme? Flat earth anyone? where did that come from?
It really shows that a lot of people will believe anything in either the mainstream media or any old shitty blog just because it is claimed.
Just make it a rule not to believe anything unless you can verify with real evidence. Not the junk in the ‘alternative media’ like Pizza means X Y or Z, therefore guilty or in the so called mainstream like Iraq has those WMDs so let’s go and destroy the country.

It seems that most ‘news’ is just really entertainment/distraction/titillation of one sort or another for a lot of people.
Unfortunately, it can be extremely powerful and sometimes it has terrible consequences for many people.


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