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Is Devil Worship and A Mass Pedophile Child Trafficking Ring Real?

Corey Haim, the Oakland 4, the Memphis 3, Jerry Sandusky’s 2nd Mile High Childrens Fondation, Jeffery Epstein- Bill Clinton AND Donald Trump, the ranch Scalia was murdered at, the Bohemian Grove- McMartin, Franklin Credit, and Dr. Tom Philpott- not to forget ” satanic panic” and “false memories”. And this is just a small amount of […]

If You Are Wondering if This Podesta Bullshit Is Being Promoted by Our Government…

So if you think that this whole Podesta thing isn’t being promoted by our government- may I suggest you read the conversation I had with them on their Facebook page this morning… It was all after I posted this this morning…. Notice how EVERYONE is talking about these Podesta emails- this pizzagate bullshit- but NO […]

The Podesta “Pizzagate” Emails DID NOT Come from Wikileaks

They came off of Anthony Weiner’s laptop. They did NOT come from Wikileaks. Stop confusing the two…