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According to HoaxteadResearch- Now 60 Minutes are Liars

60 Minutes of Shite? SO- according to Hoaxtead Research, now 60 Minutes is lying. Of course- ANYONE who goes against their agenda is a liar. But you only have to watch the PIE guy who says that complimenting a FOUR YEAR OLD on her knickers and her LIKING the compliment is her acceptance of sex to […]

The Event Chronicle VS. Hoaxtead Research VS. HoaxteadResearch and their bullshit… lol- Hoaxtead seems to be all up in arms about “pizzagate”. And how exactly did this issue become all about Angela Power-Disney? And I guess, according to Hoaxtead, that child abuse doesn’t exist. Children must not be disappearing from CPS. Maybe CPS was LYING- FEEDING the “conspiracists” when they […]