If You Are Wondering if This Podesta Bullshit Is Being Promoted by Our Government…

So if you think that this whole Podesta thing isn’t being promoted by our government- may I suggest you read the conversation I had with them on their Facebook page this morning…








It was all after I posted this this morning….

Notice how EVERYONE is talking about these Podesta emails- this pizzagate bullshit- but NO ONE is talking about Jeffery Epstein and his pedophile island, the ranch where Justice Anton Scalia was murdered at, Jerry Sandusky’s 2nd Mile High child foundation- not to mention the Bohemian Grove. THESE ARE PROVEN- they are FACT- but what people are focusing on is the drama and intrigue of those stupid Podesta emails. If you all REALLY cared- other than for ENTERTAINMENT REASONS- THESE facts would ALSO be discussed- but they AREN’T. So when you are wondering WHY America just elected a reality show star- just look in the mirror and SEE exactly what the issues are.

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