This is How I Know Juliane Assange is Dead

This is how I know that Assange is dead. The day that picture came out with him with his hand over his heart- my sister had called me hysterical- demanding that I get on my computer immediately and try to pull up a link. I did- and it didn’t come up- and so I asked her why she was so upset and she told me that she had been watching a video of Assange- with his hand over his heart- saying the pledge of allegiance when they shot him to death. But the video stopped right at the end and then was gone- and the link DID NOT work for me. Then- two days later- a speech that he gave in 2012 went all over social media- being presented as a NEW video of him. We have seen NOTHING but video of him since- and he has not come to the window NOT ONCE since that day. ALSO- the police presence that was present at the embassy that was CONSTANT SINCE THE BEGINNING- suddenly stopped- and hasn’t returned. THEN- after all of this- we suddenly have this PIZZAGATE bullshit being attributed to Wikileaks- but now that he is dead- they can say WHATEVER THEY WANT and who is going to question them? Certainly not a dead man. So this is why I know that Assange is dead. Not to mention that he is working with me on the other side. So take it for what it is worth…


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