The Psych Ops of Pizzagate and the Hampstead case in the UK- Why They Are Being Connected Together

Our governments are DESPERATELY trying to link “pizzagate” and the case in the UK called the Hampstead case for the simple reason that BOTH CASES are a psych ops operation. They are attempting to do the SAME thing that they did in the 80’s with McMartin preschool, after which- ANY AND ALL action concerning ANY of these allegations were clamped down on and dealt with severely for THREE DECADES. And what do we have now? A situation that makes what was going on in America- the UK- AND Australia, just to name a few- in the 80s look TAME in comparison.

After McMartin- which was the LONGEST AND COSTLIEST trial in American history at the time, where the tunnels that the children spoke about being raped and forced to murder animals in weren’t discovered until AFTER the trial- therapists were TERRORIZED by the CIA based group The False Memory Syndrome Foundation- who ILLEGALLY hurt them in court for decades- making INORDINANT AMOUNTS OF MONEY doing so.

The result? No therapists would let victims speak about their abuse- and they certainly couldn’t do anything to try and report it. Thus we who went through HORRIBLE AND HORRIFYING SHIT were COMPLETELY SILENCED.

Franklin Credit is ALSO coming back on the forefront- but I can NOT tell you how sickening it is to listen to people GLORIFY John DeCamp, Ted Gunderson, Paul Bonnaci, Troy Boner, and Noreen Gosch as it is THIS VERY GROUP that has made this mess completely unbelievable to anyone who looks into it. Not to mention- their stories are lacking A LOT OF KEY DETAILS that MANY PEOPLE IN OMAHA ARE WELL AWARE OF.

Funny thing- people in Omaha are beginning to talk again- and it ISN’T like what was going on in Omaha wasn’t WELL KNOWN to MANY people who lived there. Like the fact that Peter Citron “committed suicide” by drinking DRANO. And the details I have presented about the Old Market in my video “A Walking Tour through Pedophile Omaha” are consistent to what many others remember as well, and they seem to have been inspired by MY speaking out and now are beginning to do the same- so how will they shut ALL of us up?

They opened up Pandora’s Box with these Podesta emails- and there is not shutting it now- esp. since there is such a DISTINCT and DETAILED history with much of this now. It isn’t as if this is the 80’s- and we are even light years away from where we were on September 11, and it seems that the eaters and breeders aren’t as stupid and lazy as you all believe.

You may have turned many AWAY from Heaven- but something tells me that Heaven is about to bring them BACK. Once people realize the TRUTH about all of your sick shit- I don’t think they are going to respond the way you thought.

Like what is going on in Israel right now- karma can be a REAL BITCH.

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