“Pizzagate”, Cathy O’brien, and the Gaslighting Concerning Devil Worship

So those who are going on and on about “pizzagate” and Cathy Obrien- when this all comes out as fake- and you realize that you are being gas lighted- will you all decide that child abuse and devil worship is fake to “save face”? Because that is what is coming. Killer clowns, Ebola, zika, etc. etc. etc.- and each and every time we figure it is going to bring different results. Why do they do this shit constantly? Probably because IT WORKS EVERY TIME.

They DON’T talk in code- they DON’T leave a paper trail- they DON’T paint symbols in blood in their houses. The only thing I can say about this is that you guys watch WAY to much TV. If they DID leave a paper trail- wouldn’t we have found one with Epstein? The ranch Scalia was murdered at? Jerry Sandusky’s 2nd Mile High Club? But you are all CONVINCED that this shit with the Clinton’s and this Podesta crap is real. But when it comes out as fake- EVERYTHING will be dismissed. JUST AS IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN IN THE PAST.

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