End of This Weekends Facebook Posts…

I find that it is just easier to copy and paste what I have written- so that people can see what is going on with me…


I personally think that the rituals that these Podesta emails speak about are bullshit. They don’t make sense- and Luciferians don’t paint blood on their walls. Do you KNOW how hard it is to get blood out? Much of this is fake- but it IS mixed in with some truth. Why? Because once it comes out as false- it will ALL be deemed false. JUST LIKE IN THE 80S. And I don’t trust Cathy Obrien. if she were real- she would have spoken about the Oakland 4 child ritual murder case in Michigan- her OWN STATE. But she NEVER HAS MENTIONED THIS CASE. It is all bullshit. They are afraid- and desperate to make this all go away- and so we are seeing this psych op operation being played once again. But it isn’t going to work. We know too much about what is going on- ACTUALLY going on- that many of us are not duped.

of course the Clinton’s are in it. but notice how we are focused on these emails rather than on Jeffery Epstein, the ranch where Scalia was murdered at, Bohemian Grove- and Jerry Sandusky’s Second Mile High club. We have PROOF of these places- and yet everyone is going gaga over these emails. This is not an accident…

Remember the clowns?


In order to make what I have work- I had to agree to sacrifice myself. I had to agree to accept the Order’s bonds on me if I was to claim mine with them. I am to be their god- just as they wished- but to do so- I must ALSO remain here. Why did I do this? Because the souls that reach the new earth will be SAFE. Heaven explained the parameters of what was necessary at the very beginning- and my answer was immediate- if it saves the children- so be it. I had to offer my soul in order to claim the evil in the darkness- and so I agreed. What else could I do?


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