The New Argument Against Me

This was left on a comment on Facebook and I wanted to share it…

“Stay away from the exposed. The people that have actually lived it all do not usually set up expose websites seriously it destroys cedibility. We open closed closed and secret groups where great care is taken about who is there. We talk to each other in one on one situations or small groups. We don’t talk about it all either information comes out slot usually when one mentions a thing you know what they’re talking about and you share. Lastly you’re careful how much you share because you don’t know if you’ll set something off memories etc. So information gets shated over long friendships usually.”

Couple things about this post. First off, those secret groups generally get survivors personal info within 10 minutes and they are ALSO trying to convince victims to commit suicide- all in the dark as SECRET groups.

And aren’t survivors TIRED of the secrets enough already?

And believing that what makes a real survivor real is FEAR is LUDICRIUS.

Having an expose blog for years has HELPED my credibility as everyone can see that I have NEVER ONCE contradicted myself in all these years.

But this is an example of the mind games victims have to deal with on a constant basis.

So to be real- you all need to be hiding in your bedroom closets, sucking your thumb and clinging to your teddy bear?

I suggest you get fucking real…

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