My Perspective in All of This Pedophile Devil Worship Crap…

You all need to understand- for me this has ALWAYS been an epic spiritual battle as it couldn’t have been any other way- considering that I was made into the anti-Christ and it was a job I SO DID NOT WANT.

So when you wonder about my spiritual stuff- just realize- what I am able to do YOU ALL ARE- you just have been taught NOT to. And by who?

A bunch of devil lovers who were betting on big payouts with their stupid war with Heaven. And THIS is what is REALLY going on.

Pizzagate- that ranch SCALIA was murdered at- THE Bohemian Grove- they have been preparing for a war with Heaven.

They just never realized how GOOD I would get with the stuff they trained me to do- and had NO CLUE that I would be able to come along and COMPLETELY FUCK THEM IN EVERY WAY- INCLUDING SIDEWAYS.

So that is where I am at- where I have ALWAYS been at. I ALWAYS chose Heaven- and the ONLY THING I have EVER WANTED TO DO I have totally achieved.

The Order is about to get everything they deserve and MUCH MUCH MORE- because a comfortable prison cell was NEVER FUCKING GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME.

In fact, they are all about to SUFFER- in ways you can’t even BEGIN to imagine. 😉

And I know there are those of you out there who HATE that I am going after your heroes in all of this- but it is ONLY because I know them to be fake- and part of the opposition as INSTRUMENTAL in controling the narrative on all of this sick shit with children. But notice when I do- how they go away. Heard about this idiot satanic daycare bullshit lately?

The reason why they are desperately spreading it around that I am disinfo is that I have been targeting AND TAKING OUT their little workers- and they don’t like this AT ALL. And I have been doing this the entire time. I began with Franklin- and now I have DETAILED these so called heroes and their lies so that when people go to research Franklin- they at least have a chance to be exposed TO THE TRUTH instead of this circus of complete and utter bullshit that has allowed all of this to stay in the shadows up to this point.

My views on Cathy O’Brien I have taken A LOT of heat for. But she simply needs to answer the two questions I have posed to her as they ARE important questions. 1). What does she think of the McMartin tunnels that were discovered AFTER the court case and 2). Why has she never spoken about the Oakland Four ritual child murders that happened in her own state? You can say whatever you will- but these two points are IMPORTANT- and if your claim is that there is no need for her to address these issues- then I would suggest you are following blindly are are part of the problem rather than the solution.

This IS all coming out. And it doesn’t make a difference who does what at this point. The darkness that is fueling all of this- making people authentic and bringing that which has been hidden out into the light- is not dependent on public opinion. It CERTAINLY isn’t influenced by lies. So get ready because I have a feeling that those of you who believe you have your eyes open are in for a rude awakening.

And for those still asleep- even more so.

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