Some Thoughts on Pizzagate and Such…

A Timeline of Events Concerning Pizzagate

1). Seth Rich- from OMAHA NE- who was Assange’s reported leak- ends up murdered.

1). Julian Assange gets his picture taken with his hand over his heart (along with a video that was pulled immediately- showing his brains being blown out the back of his head WHILE holding his hand over his heart and saying the pledge of allegiance).

2). The Director of Wikileaks- Gavin McFadyen- is murdered.

3). A video made in 2012 goes all over social media- presented as a NEW video of Assange directly after Assange’s and McFadyen’s murder.

4). The Podesta emails- off of Weiner’s laptop- come forward and are NOW being attributed to Wikileaks.

5). The public has ONLY seen video or heard audio of the man- but NO ONE has seen him alive in public. ONLY reports- but NO evidence.

6). Assange is NOW reportedly asking Trump to PARDON Hillary- after going after her in such the way he has…

YEAH- there is nothing to see here folks. Nothing at all. HEY- ISN’T WALKING DEAD ABOUT TO START?


You know- the pictures they are showing concerning this Pizzagate thing are NOT pictures of blood. Blood doesn’t look like that- I dries fast- it CAKES- and it STINKS. It clots as it dries- and it is AWFUL. And it turns brown- it doesn’t stay red. It congeals. The pictures are TOTALLY FAKE. And blood STINKS. REALLY BAD. And again- they took pics- BUT NEVER OF THEMSELVES. It was children- or those they were going to blackmail. But it was ALWAYS for financial gain. So why is this thing SO DIFFERENT from what I- AND MANY OTHERS- know to be real?.


So I admit that I have been pretty harsh with this Pizzagate stuff- but I knew what it was designed to do from the day I looked into it when it first came out. So I have been somewhat tunnel visioned when it came to this. And I have been CRITICAL of people who are talking about it- and that isn’t right either. I have been wrong to be so hard and negatively outspoken on this concerning those who are caring enough to get involved.

I am just afraid that they are going to do what they ALWAYS do. It ALWAYS works like this- a big flash in the pan and then it all gets discredited and goes away- and victims are left to suffer, not to mention the MYRIAD of children who haven’t been hurt by it yet- BUT ARE ABOUT TOO.

There is A LOT of truth in pizzagate. There is. But I just want people to be damn sure they are aware that there are ALSO a bunch of lies in it. I DO appreciate that this is waking people up- but I am just wary of it all going away- as I have said. This has happened before- JUST LIKE WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW- and that has ALWAYS been the result.

So if you are going to investigate Pizzagate- would you just do me a favor and ALSO look into all of the OTHER stuff that goes right along with this- and not just compartmentalize and put all your eggs in this Podesta basket? It that so hard to ask? Because it would do A LOT to calm my nerves. Otherwise- I am not going to stop saying what I am- whether it alienates people or not.

I am here to do what I can to expose this mess. NOT make a bunch of friends for some weird popularity contest. You might like me- you might not. But NONE of your opinions about me discredits the TRUTH of what I am saying.

They are effectively tearing “pizzagate” apart- which is why it was designed. But no proof? What is Jeffery Epstein’s pedophile island? Jerry Sandusky’s 2nd Mile High children’s foundation? The ranch that Scalia was murdered at. NONE of this has to do with Pizzagate- and it is ALL PROVEN REAL. And it ISN’T witches we need to go after- it is PEDOPHILES. Funny- they focus on the occult crap- but do their best to stay away from the pedophilia. But this ISN’T the 80s- and convincing people that we are under a “witch hunt” is a distraction. Practice whatever stupid shit you want- BUT HURTING CHILDREN IS GOING BEYOND. And THAT is why people are getting involved.


First off- no one who writes a book makes a lot of money. ESP. considering that I send people to read the extended version for free on my blog more than not.

I had someone bitch at me that I have been asking for financial help. Trying to shame me because I am poor.

But lets talk about what I have spent. 12 Grand on a book- about 500 a year to keep that damn blog going- not to mention the other shit I am doing. And I make 740 dollars a month. So I should just keep going- shut up- and not ask for help?

And my sister DOES need help. She is terminal- dying of kidney failure among other things. So sharing her stuff to see if I can help her is bad as well I guess. I should just stand back and watch her suffer and do nothing to help.

I am sorry I offended some of you and your frail sensibilities. I forgot that this world is all about you.

Why is DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) so politicized? Because it was one of the main objectives of MKUltra. The difference between others and myself is that I was taught to go places when I dissociated. But what is dissociating but retreating into ones self? Of course the Kingdom of Heaven ALSO resides there…


Whatever happened to “I may not agree with what you are saying but I will fight to the death for your right to say it?”


You know- people seem to have this idea that if they won’t do something- that it also holds true for everyone else. This is a false idea. No- you may not want to be raping kids or doing a myriad of other horrible acts- but that doesn’t mean that holds true for others. When you have enough money to do whatever you want- whenever you want- life looses value- and it takes MUCH MORE than a piece of stuff to get the high they are addicted too. Hurting children is about power- if we can agree on anything- it is that EVERY ONE of our supposed “leaders” craves power. And children give them that. It isn’t hard to figure out. And just because YOU don’t believe in an anti-Christ- and don’t practice witchcraft and sorcery- doesn’t mean that is true for others. Because whether they believe or not- they DO practice- and they live in worlds most of us would only fathom in our nightmares. Because when you sell your soul- it makes you soulless- and that is an awful way of existence if you ask me.


I know of MANY secret groups- 20 of them or so are run by a man named Neil Brick- who are telling survivors that they can be mass programmed by hand signals- that bad guys are everywhere, behind every bush- AND some groups- not necessarily Brick’s- are doing strange “therapies” where the survivors have to envision putting their “parts” in the light and when that doesn’t work- are then being told that these are “bad” parts and that they need to be murdered. ANYONE can start a secret group- there are NO rules to it. And I wouldn’t just go to someone for therapy because I knew they were abused. Being abused doesn’t make anyone an expert on abuse. But the ones OPENING the groups are NOT vetted- no one knows WHO they are- and they can do ANYTHING THEY WANT- because they are protected by anonymity and the fact that their groups are “secret”. Just because this may not be happening in YOUR group DOES IN NO WAY MEAN that this ISN’T happening. And it is- in BIG PROPORTIONS.


You know- Hoaxteadresearch makes their position quite clear. Child abuse and pedophilia ISN’T rampant- and those who point out the facts that you only need to look around to see this is TOTALLY false are actually sexual deviants living out their own sick fantasies. By pointing out the truth… Interesting how that works- or doesn’t… lol

(This conversation is reversed- Ghost of Sam speaks first…)



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