All posts for the day December 30th, 2016

An Important News Update…

So- for all of Hoaxtead Research constant blustering- it seems that BOTH the McDonalds AND Starbucks in Hampstead Village are NOW CLOSED. Seems the people don’t back you as much as you claim. Maybe that is why you are so focused so hard on me right now. Lol KARMA CAN BE A REAL BITCH- HUH? […]

A Message to President Obama

So-Mr. Obama In the end, my question- of course, will be if having Omaha called Obamaha for a day was worth it. You may have avoided my eyes that day- but I had You COMPLETELY in MY sites. And that is all I needed and I didn’t realize how pivotal that moment in time would […]

THIS Is What is Needed

Whoever you know that you feel is in need of justice- you need to share it. ALL OF US. We need to stand for each other- and NOT for ourselves but for OTHERS. This will help us become more compassionate as IT IS OUR HUMANITY that has been lost. The REAL news is that we […]