All posts for the day December 13th, 2016

An Important Development…

So I make my challenge to Paul Bonnaci yesterday- and Hoaxtead starts speaking about Franklin Credit DIRECTLY afterwards. NOW my sister just told me that Det.John Pankonin- the cold case detective who has been involved with the Chadek case and the one who sent HIS sister Tru into mine and my sister’s lives after I […]

UK- It is Time For You All to Come Together and Take a Stand!!

After reading Hoaxtead’s latest post- if I was Kristie- I would get together with all those at Shirley Oaks, the Hollie Greg camp, the Melanie Shaw camp, and with ALL THE OTHER FUCKING VICTIMS- and start working together to show that there is an OBVIOUS FUCKING ISSUE in the UK. JUST AS THERE WAS IN […]

A Proposal To Paul Bonnaci- Famous “Victim” of Omaha’s Franklin Credit Union…

To Paul Bonnaci Okay- so I know that you and your pal Noreen Gosch are going around telling people how full of shit I am- and so I have figured out a way that we can put this all to rest. You see- you have a UNIQUE POSITION in that MYRIADS of people believe you […]