A Proposal To Paul Bonnaci- Famous “Victim” of Omaha’s Franklin Credit Union…

To Paul Bonnaci

Okay- so I know that you and your pal Noreen Gosch are going around telling people how full of shit I am- and so I have figured out a way that we can put this all to rest.

You see- you have a UNIQUE POSITION in that MYRIADS of people believe you were INTRINSICALLY INVOLVED with what was going on in Omaha- and so they look to you for answers with all of this mess. I mean- you were born and raised in Omaha- are STILL LIVING in Omaha- and by your own admission- you were heavily involved with what was going on in Omaha in the 80’s- so you MUST know your shit.

So what I propose is simple. I want you to go through my YouTube video I did DETAILING what I knew to have happened in Omaha in the Old Market at the time- and I would like you to explain- IN DETAIL- how I am wrong. And most of all- I would like you to CORRECT ME with THE TRUTH.

Since you were so involved with Omaha and the people in it- this should be ABSOLUTELY NO ISSUE for you.

Please- by all means- correct me with your truth, oh Franklin savior. Enlighten us all.

I’ll await your reply- since I am going to post this anywhere and everywhere I can. Because I want EVERYONE to get a chance to see what you have to say.

With the UTMOST Sincerity,

David Shurter

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