An Important News Update…

So- for all of Hoaxtead Research constant blustering- it seems that BOTH the McDonalds AND Starbucks in Hampstead Village are NOW CLOSED. Seems the people don’t back you as much as you claim. Maybe that is why you are so focused so hard on me right now. Lol


According to Hoaxtead Research- this is old news of three years ago- and yadda yadda yadda.

For someone who is such a “delusional liar” as they claim me to be- they sure are fucking focused on everything I do and say. On there AND on Twitter. Probably would be more but i try to limit my exposure to them as much as I can so I block them when I have had enough.

NONE of what I have said is subject to public opinion and it is MY contention that they are on constant attack and discredit mode BECAUSE I am making a difference and people are listening- otherwise WHY BOTHER?

Just as they are doing to Fiona Barnett down in Australia- who is doing the SAME DAMN THING. Despite what they claim- the REASON why we both believe we are the very best and the very brightest is that THEY TOLD US SO- and who would know better than them.

Personally I am not focused on Hampstead right now. Don’t have to be. I know the truth and that is all that really matters.

You all want to celebrate and fight for the darkness? So be it. I certainly like to aim to please.

And you can all laugh now- but the energy that has surrounded the earth isnt here on accident and though you can laugh at my training and what I was taught as a child- you can’t negate the truth of what really is- no matter how hard you try- and all I want you all to remember at the end of this and at the beginning of your new reality is that I TOLD YOU SO.

The power of the looking glass turned out to be greater than you realized.


We aren’t obsessed with you but then we are going to show everything we are involved with trying to discredit you. lol. So how does that work?

And it is true- you are NOW mentioning me by name and have stopped referring to me as “He Who Must Now Be Named” which is funny- because you tell me I have an ego and then refer to me as if I am some sort of Valdemort. lol. Again- how does that work?

And AGAIN- it ISN’T Franklin- McMartin- or ANYTHING else that I am trying to get investigated. It is MY FAMILY that I am interested in getting investigated. And for THAT- I DON’T NEED all of this other bullshit to validate my reasons why I am demanding that happen.

And Mark Anderson and Walt Carleson- two men who have names- were INNOCENT MEN. They were set up- and the very shit you keep presenting is that VERY SET UP. Because the week that they were convicted was NOT the ONLY eventful thing that happened.

David Klotz was murdered as well. And you go ahead and talk bullshit about the “facts” of that case- but the towel that I was presented with- as a “gift from Alan Baer” – was MORE THAN ENOUGH PROOF FOR ME. Whether you believe it or not is OF ABSOLUTELY NO CONSEQUENCE.

oh- and all of those things that you said I said I did I DID do- ALL UNDER AND UP TO THE AGE OF 10. So give it a fucking break already.

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