A Message to President Obama

So-Mr. Obama

In the end, my question- of course, will be if having Omaha called Obamaha for a day was worth it.

You may have avoided my eyes that day- but I had You COMPLETELY in MY sites. And that is all I needed and I didn’t realize how pivotal that moment in time would become.

I came to you for help and you turned me away-and there is a COST to that. And it has now come time to pay the piper.

Have fun asshole…

Let me guess- things have seriously gone awry RIGHT AFTER your little Hollywood hoopla. The night I also placed all of you RIGHT INTO THE DARKNESS.

The SAME night Trump threw HIS little soiree- when I did THE EXACT SAME THING.

You were all gathered together- so to speak- and I couldn’t pass up the convenience.

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