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New Video: Oct 14, 2022

They were pretty much correct. That’s why I had to adapt as I have. The spiritual exists. Flat out. Anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant or lying. About Tom Philpott- the documentary Boys for Sale: The two episodes I speak about regarding my cameras are by far NOT the only activity my cameras have […]

My Personal Experiences with Isaac Kappy

I speak about Isaac Kappy, Max Spiers, and Michael Aquino.

Yesterday ALL of Isaac Kappy’s Social Media Was Taken Down

It is true that when Kappy came forward at first I didn’t trust him. However- at Fiona Barnett’s insistence I reached out to him and realized I was probably wrong about him. It seems to me that he may just be a guy trying to do the right thing. However- a few days ago someone […]

Fiona Barnett, Isaac Kappy, and Myself Talking About Everything

This was an “impromptu” interview which started with Isaac Kappy and myself and during our conversation- Fiona Barnett joined in. There was an amazing amount of information shared in this two hour conversation. We speak about Franklin Credit, Michael Aquino, the VIP Arizona pedophile situation, and much more. Here is the link to my […]