The Case of Todd Bequette, An Omaha Abducted Child

At the age of 13 in 1974, Todd Bequette was one of the boys that was abducted down in the Old Market area here in Omaha NE.  The police- refusing to do anything like usual, did nothing which forced his family to hire Danny Whalen- a local private investigator, who eventually found Todd and his abductor Terry Ray Holman.  Holman was NEVER CHARGED WITH ANY CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN IN NEBRASKA, let alone for the abduction of Todd, which again is another example of our police department failing the public again!

Sadly enough, I just read on Facebook this morning from Todd’s ex-wife that he has passed.  This is incredibly disheartening to me as Todd stood as an example of what I have been talking about with the abduction of young boys from the Old Market.  I don’t know any specifics, but I find that if Omaha officials wait long enough- all of the people who are aware of this mess will have died- either untimely- or of old age.  However- I just wanted to put something on my blog that recognized Todd Bequette before he falls into the cracks of history.



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