The Local Media and the Current Chief of Police talking About Omaha

What is missing from this piece is the fact that Omaha has NO PUBLIC AUDITOR- and so the police are policing themselves. This video talks about the case on Seward street where a neighbor filmed police violating people’s rights, but this would have NEVER come forth had this person not done it in secrecy and put it on YouTube before getting found out. How many other cases like this HAVEN’T been reported is one of the big questions- and part of a larger picture of problems.

Word on the street is that the public doesn’t report crimes in certain areas because when things start calming down- the police are known to release the names of people who have come forward in order to initiate retaliation and further the reason for more and more police. Our city’s “finest” have a history of doing whatever they want and covering it up any way they need- much like the “military” Omaha’s new chief of police speaks about.

This is just a propaganda attempt, in order to try and smooth over problems with Omaha’s police and it’s citizens, but it’s timing is telling. If Omaha’s leaders really wanted to be transparent- they would hire an independent PUBLIC AUDITOR. Otherwise- all of this is just a fluff piece in order to try and influence public perception- and NOTHING MORE THAN A PR CAMPAIGN.

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