Ricky Chadek and the Similarities to Other Child Murders

In May 1986, a young boy by the name of Ricky Chadek was abducted, taken care of, and found murdered a week later here in Omaha- much like what happened with the Oakland Child Killings in Michigan.  This case is what started me looking hard at my parents- as it was a year after I had graduated and left home, and it seems that they just picked up where they left off after my departure.  Police know that a woman was involved- as the boy was well taken care of- fed, bathed, etc. up to the point of his death- JUST LIKE THE MICHIGAN CASES.

Ricky Chadek’s family vacationed at the same Silver Lake in Minnesota that we did, giving us another connection to the case.  Now I have given Nebraska State Patrolman Deputy John Pankonin my DNA to compare to this case- and supposedly the results came back negative, although after being asked by Pankonin not to say anything, it makes me wonder what the truth is, as I don’t have any proof that they ran my DNA, or what the real results were, but if my father is guilty of this crime, the DNA would be similar enough to tell.

Another disturbing aspect of this case is that what has been left out of the news is that Ricky Chadek was gutted- just like the two boys John Jubert was accused of killing, and yet- Jubert was already incarcerated.  Begging so many questions that it boggles the mind- considering the games that the Nebraska State Patrol has played with me throughout this, it is no wonder that this case still remains unsolved.

It is this case that I presented to the police, local political officials, including Omaha’s new mayor Jean Stothert and Nebraska’s governor- and have continued to do so for years now- with little help at all.  My father admitted to “committing crimes against children” and that he “had skeletons in his closet”, and considering that he had a sound proof room built in his house as well as personally rebuilding his entire closet system in his bedroom, I think that he was speaking literally.  Of course- the Nebraska State Patrol has known and been involved with this for 7 fricking years now- it shows their propensity to NOT DO THEIR JOBS.  There has to be more reasons to this than just laziness and inefficiency- which makes me wonder how far the corruption lies within the system?



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