Michigan, Child Killings, and the Connection to Omaha with Satanic Cult Practices

There is a series of four child killings in Michigan that happened in 1976 and 1977, the exact same time that I was forced to light a man on fire who found us in his search for his missing daughter.  As such- it is my contention that these events may be related, and that a game of bait and switch may be at hand here- as I know that the people involved with my family were desperate to keep any rumors of satanic cults and child abductions quiet, and I think they could have used Michigan to try and deflect from Nebraska.

My father’s family was from Michigan, and my father was born in Niles, MI.  Our family name was not always Shurter but rather Rathbun (don’t quote me on the spelling), and from what I understand, we pretty much owned the town of Cassopolis, MI.  My point is that my father had HEAVY connections up there and knew the area well, and since he was a pilot, getting back and forth would have been a piece of cake.  Not saying that people living in Michigan weren’t involved, but I think that instead of being called “the Babysitter”, the Oakland child killings should be “the Babysitter(s)”, as more than one person was probably involved.

At the time that I was forced to light a man on fire, I knew that he was some sort of investigator or cop or something- (hell, he found us-), which alerted my father that we weren’t invisible like he always thought.  From what I remember as a child, and what I have put together as an adult- I know that the powers that be in Omaha were probably quite agitated at the developing circumstances and were desperate to do anything they could to deflect attention away from what was happening here- so they basically abducted and killed four kids in a different state to deflect all national attention on that instead of anything that might come out here.  Part of sacrificing a child is the HONOR that goes to the child before they are murdered.  They are bathed, well fed, and doted on up until the time where they are murdered.  Michigan knows this- which is why the killer has the deemed nickname- because the children were fed their favorite foods and well taken care of up until the time of death.  The reason why these children were found in the first place- is because they were MEANT to be found, as the disposal system of victims was efficient even at that time, and again- I think it was to deflect from what was happening in Nebraska.

Michigan has a rich history of satanic activity, as it was in MI that my father was inducted into the cult by his Uncle Phil.  I think what is most difficult for people to comprehend is that there is a strong history of FAMILIES being involved in all of this- and that much of this is generational.  A pseudo survivor by the name of Cathy OBrien is from Michigan, although I think that this was Michigan’s attempt to quiet the rumblings of their history with cult abuse.  Naysayers will say that such abuse doesn’t exist- however- it only takes a little investigation to discover this is far from true, and it was my father and the cult he was involved with who were behind so many of the deaths of children here that it CAN NOT be ruled out that they had some sort of involvement with the Oakland child killings, considering the timing of what happened to me and what was transpiring within my family.


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