A Word About My Targeting

It was not until a couple years back that I discovered that there was a whole community of people who have been targeted, for whatever reason, by our government- so when this whole NSA ordeal of our government spying, profiling, and eavesdropping  on average citizens came out, I wasn’t all that surprised.  Our leaders have been conducting, what I would call a “social experiment”, on average citizens for decades now.  Basically nothing more than bullying on steroids, people are being monitored and their phone calls and emails hacked as they are subjected to a myriad of psych op techniques that include but are not limited to organized stalking, sleep deprivation through sonic microwave weaponry, and terroristic threats.  Singling out people who have been deemed a threat for whatever reason- our government is not opposed to killing either, when you look at the case of Michael Hastings- the reporter who died when his car blew up in LA.  He reported to his friends that he was being followed- and needed to go on the down low, but died before he ever got a chance.  Generally targeting outspoken individuals who have leadership qualities, this program is designed to keep a hold of everyone and everything and keep things from becoming unmanageable for the powers that be.

My own personal targeting has been intense to say the least.  Just a week or so ago someone cut the wings off of a sparrow and left them at the base of my front steps, I guess to warn me that my wings were going to be clipped.  It is not the first dead animal that has been displayed in my yard, so I just try to take it in stride, but it is irritating none the less.  I’ve had people pose as my friends for years, only to be discovered that they were playing on the wrong side the whole time.  I’ve had mine and a friends picture taken as we came out of a gas station, I have had two women just appear in my living room to “use my bathroom”, not to mention the death threats that are sometimes a common occurrence.  One of my book sellers received an unwelcome three a.m. visit from a stranger who threatened him to prevent him from selling my book, while another friend received death threats regarding me during her internet radio show, so it has extended beyond me and has encompassed my peers as well.

The worst part of my targeting though was the weaponry that was used against me.  I don’t profess to understand it, but I have been attacked two times in my adult life- and they were absolutely horrible.  The first time was during my first investigations, when I started to make YouTube videos and started talking online about everything.  Hearing a buzzing sound, it started slowly but built into a crescendo that prevented me from sleeping for 2 ½ weeks.   Reminiscent of what I experienced as a child during my “programming”, the sound of a manic mosquito buzzed incessantly in my head during that time.  Some I guess refer to this as V2K, but the sound was NOT a voice but rather an erratic high pitch that had absolutely no rhythm- which prevented my brain from being able to rest and sleep.  The day after I got out of the hospital after checking myself in for a week- I was told if I didn’t stop- my partner would be next, and so, terrified- I took everything off the web and went into hiding.

The second time I got inundated with this experience was the day after I sent my manuscript to my marketing team over the Internet for publishing.  I HEARD it go back on the next day in the middle of the afternoon, only this time- there was also something used that made my insides feel like they were going to explode.  Only able to last a week and a half this time, in an attempt to save myself, I decided to upload my manuscript to my website right before going back into the hospital, which was one of the most brilliant things I have ever done- as I was able to show professionals JUST WHY I have been targeted.  Their microwave weapon machine almost gave me a heart attack actually- as I was fine for the first hour and fifteen minutes waiting for a room to open up until suddenly the sound and the feeling came over me again.  Forty five minutes later, I had to be rushed by emergency squad to Creighton University Hospital because my blood pressure was 195/155.  Creighton held me for three days full of tests unable to determine why someone with a perfectly fine heart had gotten to stroke/heart attack level for no reason, and it was being able to direct them to my website to read my book that made all the difference in the world.  Demanding to talk to psychiatrists, social workers, and everyone who could document what I was saying- I made a huge difference in convincing them that this type of thing happens.  After they discharged me, afraid to go back home- I checked myself back into Lasting Hope- unconvinced that if I went home the same things I was experiencing would stop happening.

In there- I did the same thing as I did at Creighton- and had everyone document everything that I was saying so that if I was taken out- there would be some sort of paperwork that showed my concerns and what I was going through.  Again- being able to direct them to my website- I was able to prove my point and show that I wasn’t crazy- but rather I was just in over my head.  These weapons DO exist, and our government is using them on ordinary citizens who they deem as any kind of threat, as there is a larger community than I could ever have guessed of people complaining about the very types of things I have just described.

Often asked “why me”, I now have Rabbit Hole to show why.  The powers that be have not only showed disinterest in the fact that my father was a child abductor and killer, but have actively worked against me to prevent the truth from coming out- and that all in and of itself is a form of targeting.  Nebraska State Patrolman Bob Frank filing two “secret” police reports against me on behalf of my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter- who was HEAVILY involved with my father obviously, shows the attitude of our local law officials and how they deal with this- as the paperwork will clearly show.  Leading to a MUCH BIGGER picture, I find it interesting that my past was all about destroying families by killing kids, and in the end- it is a FAMILY that will finally bring all of this to light.  My father’s confession of having committed crimes against children and having skeletons in his and Joanne’s closet which he completely rebuilt- along with their sound proof room, and the testimonies of two of his children SHOULD BE ENOUGH to warrant at least SOMEONE looking into this.  My personal targeting has all been an attempt to shut me up- however, obviously it isn’t working.  Nor will it ever.


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