A Death at the Antiquarium and Still No Discussion of the Fire that Took Place There


This is newsworthy- but I still think it is strange that there are NO reports in the media or anywhere else when this place started on fire.  So hot was the fire that it burned the brick outside black- but the fact that there are no reports on this fire at all is, in my opinion, suspect.

Most people were not aware that there was a secret room in the back- and that this was made out to be a bedroom, so that Tom- the owner, could have trysts during the workday with boys that he met coming through the door of the bookstore,  much like what Larry King did at the Franklin Credit Union.  It makes me wonder if the fire was started to keep anyone from going in and looking for DNA samples, which there would have been quite a few.  The fact that this fire took place- and gutted the insides of the building- yet there are NO reports of it, and when I asked the workers down there when the fire started- no one could give a definite answer,  is suspect.  Why is it such a secret?

It just took someone falling off the roof to get the place in the news, which makes me wonder why.  Located in the Old Market- an upscale part of Omaha’s “old town”- one would think that such an event like a huge fire would have been all over the news- instead of being kept quiet in the media.  They will report any old fire in town- but this one has been kept secret- which makes me wonder why.

The child trafficking that was happening in the area was largely helped by this establishment, and the secrecy that has surrounded this place has been incredible.  This unreported fire is just another example of Omaha trying to keep a lid on it’s past.  Unfortunately it took someone to die to get the info into the news- and still there was no mention of any fire that took place.  Luckily I have video that I will be putting up on YouTube this week showing the condition of the place now- so there is no question that a fire took place here.  Again- the question is WHY was it never reported in the news?

I have my own opinions, as I find it similar to what happened to the Hollywood Bar when the fact that snuff films were being filmed there.  Instead of investigating the claims- the city simply tore down the building as fast as they could and erected a parking garage in it’s place.  Omaha is desperately trying to destroy all of the landmarks that were such a part of Omaha’s  child trafficking in the 80’s and 90’s and they are quietly accomplishing just this.  Again- no proof- no crime I guess.




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