Living in a Child Killing World- A Personal Perspective

I find myself discombobulated a lot now a days- amazed at how many things have crumbled in our society, and more so, how fast.  Yes, it seems as if we have entered a time where the institutions rule, and whistle blowers are being attacked, jailed or killed rather than hailed as heroes- but I think that this is just what the media and our rich WANT us to see.  The real picture behind this is that people are beginning to FINALLY rise up and say something about our government that has gone rogue.  Waking up to the fact that we are existing within an American monarchy/dictatorship which is under the control of a small collection of modern day robber barons- many of us are beginning to feel that something needs to be done- and fast.

The case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman is nothing more than a distraction, given to us by the media, to influence the race card once again in order to divide us as a people.  If it had been black on black crime, it would have been swept under the carpet just like always- but giving the nation one case on which to feed our incessant need for “dirt” on each other- it is like what we experienced with Casey Anthony- and with largely the same outcome.  However- my point is that these types of media hyped events are being used to divide us as a people rather than help bring us together.  I don’t believe this is by accident.

There is so much more on the table than race, or sexual preference, or immigration- which is just a few of the HOT topics that has been on the television.  Our rights as a people are being stripped away- the government is listening to us in order to target those who they deem a threat in order to keep some sort of fascist control on the truth coming out to the people, and we are being lied to by all of them, as they treat the population like we are some sort of mentally defunct children.  But contrary to our leaders beliefs, we as a people DO HAVE A CHOICE, and standing as one in order to reclaim our democracy is unfortunately looking like it is not only necessary- but essential.

There is a spiritual teaching that says that if you have a problem with someone- or something- you first try to resolve the issue on a personal level.  If no leeway can be made- then you must take a mediator or someone who might be able to help with resolution.  If this fails, then the only other option is to take it to the people and shout it from the rooftops.  I think that we are quickly reaching the third stage, in which serious action is going to have to put forth and each one of us as individuals are going to have to make a choice.

Human and child trafficking are happening as astronomical proportions, and as the Center of Missing and Exploited Children can attest too- this problem seems to be growing rather than shrinking.  The money that is being made is incredible- as this is what I know about the trade.  You can beat and rape a child for 2-3 days to tear down their defenses, after which you can sell them repeatedly, making an untold amount of cash until the child is no longer valuable, or desirable.  When this point happens- you can either sell the child into slavery- or, like was happening here in Omaha- you can kill the child while filming and make 50,000 to 60,000 dollars a pop- and this was back in the day.  If you are efficient- you can then plump out the child’s insides, and sell each piece on an ever increasing international black market for organs.  It sounds like a horror flick- but each of these aspects that I am speaking about is KNOWN- and each are BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRIES.  But we are being directed to care about gay people getting married, people killing each other with guns, or whatever our media can distract the population with.  The money being made on this has such a long history that it has to be part of the underbelly of our society- and as such- will take ALL OF US to deal with it.  Contrary what our prison systems would attest too- mankind MUST BE MORE THAN A COMMODITY, or we are doomed to fail as a species.

The time for us to stand is now, as we are in the middle of history being made.  I once heard it said that the 90’s were going to make the 60’s look like the 50’s, but I think that was postponed as we came upon the new millennia. Sensing somewhat of a type of hysteria for the unknown, we have a chance to make the future what WE want it to be, and not the dark end days that are being promoted by Hollywood.  Somehow- someway we have to find the hope within ourselves and each other to change this world into a place we can all be proud of, instead of one that is often spoken about in hushed tones.  The people SHOULD not and MUST not be afraid of their governments- but rather- their governments should be afraid of its PEOPLE!  To quote from one of my favorite movies, truth- fairness- and justice are more than words- they are PERSPECTIVES, and it will take all of us as a people to effectively make a change so that we may survive the hard days ahead of us.


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  1. TheAnthem

     /  July 15, 2013

    You wrote: “The case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman is nothing more than a distraction, given to us by the media, to influence the race card once again in order to divide us as a people.” I agree that this perfectly. Zimmerman made a curious statement to Hannity; he said that he believes that God’s will was done in the killing of Martin. As a survivor with ‘Christian programming’, this raised red flags for me and seems like something that was programmed to happen (i.e. Zimmerman is a programmed survivor). It’s not too far to reach when you see that the ludicrous verdict (how can you kill someone and come away with not so much as even a manslaughter) in spite of all the incriminating evidence and you know that this nation is being divided against itself. I hate to see it, but the Zimmerman case was and is meant to do just that– create division between blacks and whites and other races.