A Message from a Puke

This is an email I woke to this morning- concerning the person who was secretly taping me in my house.  Saying that her bad behavior is justified and that I am an ass for getting upset at the violation, I want to point out that she is terrified that I am going to let people know that she does this to EVERYONE, and wants to threaten me with LIBEL as she avoids lawsuit papers herself.  The cat is out of the bag- and if she doesn’t like it- she can bite me.  But I’ll use her own words to show that my position.  This person was SUPPOSE to be a friend, and the first words out of her mouth at the discovery of her betrayal was that “she has not done anything illegal”.  Must be a common practice for her unfortunately.  Anyway- here is the email…



While driving across country, with phone batteries going dead, and many distractions, it was impossible for me to carry on coherent communications with you.

Text messages were rather disjointed, so I am sending this information to you, because one of your text messages read something like “No it’s not. I checked.” I wasn’t sure whether you were referring to recording, or libel being a felony. This clarifies both.

Regardless of your opinion on the matter, IT IS LEGAL FOR ME TO RECORD CONVERSATIONS TO WHICH I AM A PARTY, WITHOUT ASKING PERMISSION OR CONSENT, except in a few two-party states, which do not apply. It makes sense, because nothing is being recorded which wasn’t already being discussed between us anyway.

Trying to defame or discredit ones reputation by claiming otherwise, IS A FELONY, as well as intellectually dishonest.

(See attached documents backing up both of these points.)

It is ILLEGAL to record conversations of third parties, when one is NOT a party to the conversation. BIG DIFFERENCE. What Zachary did was illegal. What I did was not. Whether you believe me or not, I would not have done it if I knew what I was doing was illegal.

My experience so far has been that you don’t concern yourself with the legality of these matters, but prefer to act exclusively on emotions.

As I am sure you will agree, such lack of intellectual integrity makes it impossible for people to work together on a professional basis.

My hope is that at some point you will acknowledge that you overreacted, without giving me an opportunity to discuss these points with you. My expectation is that you may never be able to work past your knee-jerk reaction to absolve me of condemnation.

I hope I am wrong. But at least now I am satisfied that I have presented unambiguous information, and you can decide for yourself whether it makes sense to hold a grudge against me for not asking permission when I was never obligated to ask.

Sorry I hurt your feelings.

Yours in Truth and freedom

kara- whatever



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