Nick Bryant, Omaha NE, and the Franklin Spin

Many things have come to light since I was recently duped- most notably with Nick Bryant.  Telling me that “one day I would understand”‘, he never gave me a chance to respond before he blocked my emails- probably because he knew I was going to respond that I didn’t appreciate him sending people to me to get “my” story.  I understand a great deal about what is going on here in Omaha- esp. since I live here- and having someone NOT from here going on like he was the authority would be laughable if it wasn’t so destructive to the truth.  Omaha is doing its very best to purge the truth of what happened here- and Bryant- filming himself with John DeCamp and such- is just the new spin master to this mess.

Having said in radio interviews that there were no drugs in Omaha is ridiculous- and a lie, since it is easy to Google the court papers of Kevin Dobson and Gilberto Montoya (Paublo Escabar’s nephew) and see that there was a very definite connection to drugs and Omaha.  Why would drugs be so prevalent all over the nation at the time and yet be absent from the Midwest?  Frankly it makes me wonder who Bryant is working for- which is the only reason why I could think someone would say something so stupid.

Bryant also says that there was no MKUltra in Omaha, like he would have any idea.  Saying that only one person spoke about MKUltra- many of you would be surprised to find out that I don’t believe he is talking about me but rather Paul Bonnonci.  Regardless- this statement is wrong on a myriad of levels- as even though only TWO people have spoken about MKUltra publicly- (Bonnaci and myself) , I have a plethora of individuals who I could present who are well aware of MKUltra and its existence in Omaha. I believe that the whole reason why the secret bunkers at Offutt have been encased in concrete was to erase all proof of what was going on on base.  No proof, no crime I guess- although I tend to disagree with that statement.

As far as other places in town- well, the French Cafe closing suddenly in the Old Market area in town was surprising to some- but considering its connection to the brothers who kidnapped Johnny Gosch- it isn’t to others.  The Underground bar underneath the French Cafe- well-known for its drugs and child running has been closed for some time now, but still exists.  Unlike Godfather’s Pizza above the basement establishment Stars Cafe- (both which were instrumental in crimes against kids), which is being remodeled and turned into condos.  The REAL puzzle to the area though is the Antiquarium bookstore, which was also in the Old Market and center of the chaos regarding children in many ways, which has seemed to secretly and quietly burn up without anyone knowing about it.  The fire was so hot that it turned the front of the brick structure black, but DIDN’T BURN ANY OF THE OTHER BUILDINGS.  Also-there is no media blitz at all about the fire- although the Old Market is one of the most prestigious parts of town.  Why has this all been kept secret?  Is it because of the history of the place and its owner and the fact that if that came out- it would have raised more than one eyebrow?  This is not just a simple fire in my estimation- but an extreme attempt to erase any proof of the things that happened here.

Nick Bryant is spinning Omaha into something it wasn’t, making it innocuous to a degree, while Omaha is doing it’s best to eradicate its past by rebuilding or burning down anything they want to disappear.  It won’t change the energy (karma) of the situation, but it does make it seem like Omaha and Nebraska leaders have absolutely no interest in the REAL truth coming out any time soon.



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  1. Kathy

     /  July 13, 2013

    It’s very interesting that there is such a concerted effort to shut down anyone (everyone) that has their own story to tell about Omaha. The funny thing is that Omaha HAS ALWAYS had a very racy, if not dangerous history. In fact a local author wrote a fairly popular book about it “Omaha: a Very Dirty Town.” Wander in to any bookstore in Omaha, and you will find that book sitting in some place of prominence.
    I think Nick Bryant makes a mistake by limiting his information to the sources (indeed friendships) that he has made with one small group of people involved in this whole situation. There are many, many, people living here that have their own stories to tell, and they are anxious to tell them. Of course, they don’t fit the John DeCamp, Noreen Gosh, framework for the whole story. By the way, if I understand it properly, neither of them is from Omaha either. Go figure. There is sincerely A LOT to be said about being a local.
    I won’t presume to judge their rationale. At minimum, I certainly don’t understand it. Why wouldn’t they want to incorporate info that comes from the locals? Wouldn’t that ultimately enhance their stories? One would think so…
    Seems to me, we should all be packing shovels before we wade in this crap. This is one of those cases where the “authors” have adapted the story to meet their own personal agendas. They are no longer trying to ask the right questions or solve crimes that are still misunderstood…now, they are simply trying to bolster their reputations. I find that sickening.